How do I Reset MI 3C WiFi Router

Hello Everyone, Please let me know how do I reset mi 3c WiFi router? I am facing some issues while reset mi 3c WiFi router. So can anyone have any idea?
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The Xiaomi Mi wifi router 3C router comes with a lot of benefits like a secured and reliable connection, and it has a compact and sleek design, efficient performance, comes with sufficient storage options, multiple devices, a user-friendly interface, a parental control feature, and is highly cost-effective.

There are many possible reasons for wanting to perform a reset on the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 3C router, and there are many ways to do it. You can hit the hardware reset button on the router and access the web interface to perform a factory reset. If you factory reset the router, you will later have to configure the router again from scratch.

Here are Some Methods to Reset MI 3C WiFi Router:

Method 1: Press the Reset Button to Reset MI 3c WiFi Router

Press the button of reset and then keep on holding it. You will see a reset button on your Xiaomi router unit itself. The word reset is given below the button. Therefore, it is very easy to identify the button.

When your router device is connected to a power source, then press the button of reset for over 10 seconds. The router device will be restored to factory default settings.

Method 2: Reset MI 3C WiFi Router Device Through Control Panel

Carry out the steps given below to reset MI 3c WiFi router through Control Panel.

Step 1: Go to the official website of mi wifi on your internet browser and then type in the administrative password of your router and then log into the settings page of your Xiaomi access point.

Step 2: Launch the Common Settings and then go to System Status and then select the option of restore now.  After that, you can reset MI 3c WiFi router.

Step 3: Select the restore button that is given on the right for the restoration of settings. If you tap on the button that is given on the left, your access point will ask you to save the settings on a file so that you can recover the settings information at a later point of time. If needed, then you can use this function for forming a backup.

Step 4: If you have decided to create a backup, then you are provided with a choice to select the settings that you wish to save. It is recommended to confirm the surgery. The settings backup file of the Xiaomi router will get created in instants.

Step 5: After choosing the button or select a file. Choose the file that contains the backup settings.

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