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How do I Reset MI 3C WiFi Router?

Hello Everyone, Please let me know how do I reset mi 3c WiFi router? I am facing some issues while reset mi 3c WiFi router. So can anyone have any idea?

Reset MI 3C WiFi Router

If you wish to learn how to reset MI 3c WiFi router, then you have come to the right place. This blog post is particularly for models like Xiaomi Mi WiFi Nano, Xiaomi Mi WiFi 3c, and Mi Wi-Fi router 2.

Reset can be performed either by pressing the button of reset on the router unit or by going to the Control Panel. As we all know that the details written on the Control Panel page are in Chinese language, it is recommended to press the button of reset.

After bringing your router device back to the factory default settings, your device will be like a brand new router unit. This means that you will have to go through the configuration process once again.

Factory reset helps in resolving various kinds of issues. In case your router device seems unstable and you are not able to configure anything, then try to reset one more time.

In case you wish to store router settings on a device on a file for restoration purposes, then take a good look at the method 2 given below.

Method 1: Press the Reset Button to Reset MI 3c WiFi Router

Press the button of reset and then keep on holding it. You will see a reset button on your Xiaomi router unit itself. The word reset is given below the button. Therefore, it is very easy to identify the button.

When your router device is connected to a power source, then press the button of reset for over 10 seconds. The router device will be restored to factory default settings.

Method 2: Reset MI 3C WiFi Router Device Through Control Panel

Carry out the steps given below to reset MI 3c WiFi router through Control Panel.

Step 1: Go to the official website of mi wifi on your internet browser and then type in the administrative password of your router and then log into the settings page of your Xiaomi access point.

Step 2: Launch the Common Settings and then go to System Status and then select the option of restore now.  After that, you can reset MI 3c WiFi router.

Step 3: Select the restore button that is given on the right for the restoration of settings. If you tap on the button that is given on the left, your access point will ask you to save the settings on a file so that you can recover the settings information at a later point of time. If needed, then you can use this function for forming a backup.

Step 4: If you have decided to create a backup, then you are provided with a choice to select the settings that you wish to save. It is recommended to confirm the surgery. The settings backup file of the Xiaomi router will get created in instants.

Step 5: After choosing the button or select a file. Choose the file that contains the backup settings.

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Reset MI 3c WiFi Router:

Xiaomi 3c wifi router comes with a wireless dual-band and four antennas which makes its performance better and ideal for big houses. In this article, you will find out to reset mi router 3c.

This article will help you in case your router is acting up, dropping internet connection again and again, and being unresponsive or not working how it should. The need to reset the router also arises wifi if you have by any chance forgotten the password or misconfigured the device which prevents you from getting access to the router.

These steps work for all models, Xiaomi Mi WiFi Nano, Xiaomi Mi WiFi 3c, Mi WiFi Router 2, Mini WiFi. You can reset the mi 3c wifi router through the control panel or by pressing the reset button on the device.

But the control panel will be in Chinese if you do not have the English version installed so it’s better to go with the first option that is by pressing the button.

After you have reset the router you will have to reconfigure it. Resetting the router usually solves most of the problems but if you are still confused or the router is not working properly then you can try to reset it again and see if it works.

Follow these methods mentioned below to save the settings of the router to a file and then you can restore them.

Resetting Your Factory Setting Through Reset Button-

Long press the reset button on the router to reset mi 3c router by using a fine object. You will find the reset button on your mi device labeled as RESET.

Long press the router button for 15 seconds while the router is still plugged in.  Now after doing this your router will be restored to factory settings.

How to Reset MI 3C WiFi Router Through the Control Panel.

Step 1: Type miwifi.com in your web browser. Type your administrative password and you will be logged in to the settings portal of your router.

Step 2: Go to Common settings>System Status> Click on restore now and your wifi router will be restored.

Step 3: Now click the button on the right side of the router and your settings will be restored. To save your settings to a file click the button on the left side of the router and it will ask you if you wish to save the changes you made that you can restore later. You can create your backup by this process if need be.

Step 4: Select your settings according to your preference if you wish to create a backup. The best-case scenario is to tick all the options and confirm the surgery. After you reset mi 3c wifi router it will automatically download the backup file.

Step 5: Now click on select the File option and choose the file with all the backup settings and your data will be restored.

Follow these simple steps to reset mi 3c wifi router if you face any problem as mentioned above.

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How do I Reset MI 3C WiFi Router

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