How to Configure ASUS RT AC5300 Router

Hello, Please tell me about how to configure asus rt ac5300 router. I am trying to lconfigure asus rt ac5300 router but it's not working. Give me any idea.

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The Asus RT AC300 Router is the most advanced series in the range of routers. It is a tri-band gigabit gaming router with an inbuilt AiMesh for a mesh Wi-Fi system.

The main feature of this router is that you can work wirelessly by connecting to devices like wireless printers, smart televisions, and wifi enabled smartphones.

If you want to configure Asus RT AC5300 Router, then you need to know about three terms that are used in configuration recklessly that is Wireless Network Name, Wireless password, and a Wireless Channel through which you can easily log in to the Asus RT AC5300 router settings and it's setup page, and now you can make all the configuration by just following certain guidelines and hence you have successfully made configuration to the Asus RT AC5300 router.

Wireless Network Name: This name is used to uniquely identify the specific wireless network from other wireless networks. Know more details about the wireless name of your router in its respective user manual.

Wireless Password: This is one most important credential that secures the wireless network. By setting a strong password, you can restrict its misuse among unauthorized users.

Wireless Channel: For running a wireless network, you need to pick up a WiFi channel which is not simple so be sure before making a channel choice.

Encryption: While configuring a wireless router, you have to set its encryption standard type. You have options WPA, WEP or WPA2 as network encryption for your router device.

Steps to Login into the Asus RT AC5300:

To kick start the WiFi setting configuration process for Asus RT-AC5300, you have to first login into the router admin panel. If you are already logged in, skip this step else follow the basic login instructions discussed below.

  • In order to Setup WiFi on Asus RT-AC5300 Router, you should know its default IP address or admin URL. The default IP address of Asus RT-AC5300 is
  • This address can be found in the router's guide or you can find it using the free software called Router IP Address.
  • Use any installed web browser to open the admin interface of Asus RT-AC5300 Router. Like Internet Explorer is commonly used browsers to enter the web interface for any wireless router.
  • Enter that default IP address in the address bar of the web browser.
  • Press the Enter button to quickly access the admin panel of your Asus RT-AC5300 router.
  • Now you will see a dialog popup asking for the Asus RT-AC5300 username and password. This is the default username and password provided in the router user guide. Generally, the default username and password are both admin. Enter this into the respective login fields and finally, you can see the home screen of Asus RT-AC5300 router.

How to Configure Asus RT AC5300 Router Settings?

  • Once you are successfully logged into the admin interface of Asus RT AC5300, you will be shown the admin panel screen where you can easily manage, control the basic and advanced settings for your wireless router device.
  • Also, after finishing the login process you can see the Network Map for Asus RT AC5300 router under the General Settings tab. This is the page where you can make various changes in the WiFi settings of the router.
  • Ensure that the labels 2.4GHz,5GHz and 5GHz-2 are selected on the right side of the page under System Status panel.

Change the WiFi Settings on the Asus RT-AC5300:

  • Enter any new name for your wireless network in the box labeled as Network Name (SSID). This is the unique name that helps you to identify your network when you want to connect any wireless device to the network. Choose a unique name and try to avoid personal and router specific information.
  • The next thing you need to specify is the Authentication Method for the wifi network. It is recommended to select the WPA2-Personal option as this is the strongest form of security available right now for home wireless networks.
  • The third thing is to set to ensure that the WPA Encryption is set to AES.
  • Next, you have to set the WPA PSK key from the same admin panel. This is the Internet password that you have to use while accessing this network through a device. This network key is important and so has to be a strong key. The network key or network password should be complex consisting of at least 14 characters with a mix of numbers, symbols, and letters.
  • In the final step, save the settings before leaving the page or exiting the admin interface window.

Some problems might occur while changing the WiFi Settings for your Asus RT AC5300 router. When you modify the wi-fi settings for your router, you have to ensure that the connected devices are reconfigured and reconnected. Changes are done to the connected devices and not at the computer end.

Setup WiFi on Asus RT-AC5300

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