How do I Setup TP-Link Repeater with ASUS Router

Is there anyone who knows how do i setup TP-Link repeater with ASUS router. I am facing some issues while doing this.
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Setup TP-Link Repeater with ASUS Router:

To expand the network connected to the router, we use TP-Link repeaters. We will go over all the terminologies, including TP-Link Repeater, ASUS Router, and Repeater Setup with the Router, in this article. This is the most effective and straightforward solution to the problem. SETUP TP-LINK REPEATER WITH ASUS ROUTER using the following steps.

The TP-Link repeater comes first because it embeds a vast area of intelligent homes and offers a steady network across your home or business. It is simple to install and includes a tonne of modern features. Through its security feature, TP-Link aids in eliminating dead zones from your intelligent home and safeguarding your network.

The second thing we know about ASUS is that their Wi-Fi router, the BCM4709 from Broadcom, is powerful. Additionally, ASUS router claims to enhance rates up to 1.3Gbps on the five-gigahertz GHz frequency range and 600Mbps on the 2.4 gigahertz band.

Asus Router Repeater Configuration

Step 1: To set up using an Asus router, follow these instructions:

Step 2: Connect your TP-Link rebroadcast to a power outlet first.

Step 3: Continue to hold on until the repeater's LED glows solid.

Step 4: Now navigate to the ASUS router's WPS button.

Step 5: After locating the WPS press on the ASUS wireless router, and hold the button down for 4 seconds.

Step 6: At the same time, briefly push the button labeled WPS on the TP-Link repeater.

Step 7: After that, hold on for a time to connect with one another.

Step 8: At last, your repeater and ASUS router have been correctly configured.

How can I Link my TP-Link Extender to my ASUS Router?

Connect your Range Extender to an electrical socket close to your primary Router/AP. 2. Press the WPS switch on your primary router or AP first, then press the Range Extender’s WPS button soon after.

Note 1: You must press the WPS button on your range extensions within two minutes of pushing the WPS button on your router or access point.

Wi-Fi Repeater or Extender: Which is Superior?

Because they establish a new wireless connection point, Wi-Fi Extensions are more reliable than Wi-Fi Repeaters. Installing Wi-Fi Extenders is more challenging than Wi-Fi Repeaters. As plug-and-play devices, repeaters don’t require technical expertise to set up, in contrast to Wi-Fi extenders, which do.

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