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How to Login and Change Etisalat Router WiFi Password?

Please let me know that how to login and change Etisalat router wifi password. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

Login and Change Etisalat Router WiFi Password:

Follow the instructions below to login and change Etisalat Router WiFi Password:

Login Airtel BMF-422 4G Hotspot Router

Login Etisalat Router mistreatment Default Settings

To log in and access the router settings page physical wired or wireless association is needed with the router.

Follow the steps to attach with the router and for any login method.

Step 1: Connect Etisalat router mistreatment local area network cable from router local area network port to computer/laptop local area network port.

Step 2: For wireless association use LAN SSID and word as designed to the router or check router sticker for default Etisalat LAN word.

Step 3: Internet cable coming back from the internet supplier ought to be connected to the local area network port for broadband association and to the telephone circuit port for telephone circuit internet lines.

Step 4: Power on the router with a dc adapter enclosed with the router.

Step 5: Go to computer/laptop local area network settings and certify TCP/IPv4 settings in DHCP mode to urge IP from the router.

Netgear Router Login and Setup Tutorials

Default Login Settings for Etisalat Router. Find default login settings detail to router sticker or user manual enclosed with router box throughout the primary time. notice default login details below conjointly.

  • Default entrance Login IP Address–
  • Default login username – admin
  • Default Password– admin

How to Login Etisalat Router Settings

  • Change Wireless SSID and word
  • Etisalat dual-band router you would like to tack together each 5GHz and a pair of.4GHz wireless SSID network name and for single-band router solely two.4GHz SSID.
  • Go to Wireless- WLAN2.4GHz or WLAN(5GHz) opt for the LAN band you would like to vary your name.
  • Band- 2.4 gigahertz (B+G+N)
  • Mode; AP
  • SSID- produce Etisalat LAN name as per your alternative.
  • Channel Width- 20/40Mhz (use forty if web arrange quite 50Mbps

Method to Change Etisalat Router Password 

First of all, make sure you’re joined to your Etisalat router/wifi network. to vary it, you’ll conjointly have to grasp the admin username and router login word. Then, to vary your word, follow these steps:

Go to HTTP:// and kind in to your address. Then log in together with your router’s username and word. The default username and word square measure each admin. Click the left-hand “Advance” choice, then wlan2. modification your word within the box next to the Pre-shared key by clicking Security. Don’t forget to press the Apply Changes button once you’re done

Scroll the page and apply to save lots of settings and follow the same steps to vary the 5GHz LAN name. After wireless SSD configuration currently goes to the protection choice below wireless settings to form a LAN key.

Step by Step Method to Change Etisalat Router Word

  • To access your Etisalat router’s IP address, open your web browser and type it into the address bar. Default IP address is: HTTP://
  • Press the ‘Enter’ key.
  • In the applicable section, sort your Admin account’s default word.
  • You’ll be prompted to form a replacement word.
  • Fill within the blanks with no matter what you would like, and check out to stay clear and simple to recollect.
  • To complete the operation, click ‘Finish.’

That is everything there's thereto. this can be however you update the word on your Etisalat router. Don’t forget to use an honest passcode, though.

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  • Login and Change Etisalat Router WiFi Password

How to Login and Change Etisalat Router WiFi Password

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