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How to Setup Rockspace WiFi Extender? - Re.Rockspace.Local?

Is there anyone who knows about how to setup Rockspace wifi extender by using Re.Rockspace.Local. I am facing some issues with this. Help me.
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Setup Rockspace WiFi Extender - Re.Rockspace.Local

Internet speed and coverage in your home is often a major issue especially when you are using your Wi-Fi router on a standalone basis and basically, the single servicing router can be presumed to be the cause for this.

To enhance the range of your host Wi-Fi network, you can set up RockSpace Wi-Fi Extender. For this to materialize, your existing Wi-Fi router must support a dual-band for connecting to the RockSpace WiFi extender in the 5Hz band.

When this setup gets installed, it is going to boost your Wi-Fi network coverage and speed. Ideally to setup RockSpace WiFi Extender inside your home can be given effect to either of the two ways discussed by means of the user-friendly guide presented hereunder.

By Using the WPS Button for the RockSpace WiFi Extender

You will not be required to enter any account or login-related credentials, instead, setting up the RockSpace WiFi Extender using the WPS button comes in plug and play mode.

So, just follow the steps to set up Rockspace WiFi Extender using the WPS button.

Step 1 - Plug in your Rockspace WiFi Extender into a power switch near your WiFi router.

Step 2 - Wait for a few minutes for the Rockspace extender’s LED to turn blue.

Step 3 - Now locate the WPS button on the rear panel of your existing WiFi router and press it on.

Step 4 - After activating your router’s WPS button, it is time now to turn on the LED of your range extender equipment within two minutes of switching your router’s WPS button.

Step 5 - After following Step 4, wait for a few minutes until your Extender’s LED also turns solid blue. When this happens, this will have the effect of pairing your extender with the router thereby extending the reach and coverage of the internet in your home.

Setting up Rockspace Extender Using the Web Interface

Under this very mechanism, you can connect external hardware devices like mobiles or laptops with the Rockspace WiFi extender by using the default WiFi SSID or a wired connection.

Please take note of the following procedure to set up Rockspace WiFi Extender by means of the web interface.

Step 1 - In the room or space where your existing router is installed, connect your WiFi extender to the switch socket board. 

Step 2 - Now you have to scan for the available internet networks after which you will have to enter rock space default SSID “rockspace_ext”.

Step 3 - Now wait until your hardware device is connected after the SSID settings are configured.

Step 4 - Now you have to create your login password for which you need to access the login page by entering http://re.rockspace.local or on the search bar home page of your internet browser.

Step 5 - Now on using the Extender for the very first time, set the new password and after which click on the Next button.

Step 6 - Now in the next step you will get to see all available networks near your Rockspace Extender.

Step 7 - Choose one of the desired networks and enter the password for which you want to set up Rockspace WiFi Extender thereby extending the reach of your internet network. 

Step 8 - If you want you can change the name of your SSID pertaining to the extended networks, thereafter a page will get displayed showing that the network has been extended. Now on scanning for the extended networks, you can look for “Rockspace_5GExt” and which can be chosen subsequently. 

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