Best Ways To Fix Cox Router Blinking Orange Issue

Cox router is quite popular among the router user due to its beamforming technology which ensures maximum network coverage and stable connection with dual-band support and offers high-speed internet with enhanced security. It also helps to carry out functions like gaming and HD content streaming.

But sometimes it bothers the user by Blinking orange light on the Cox router. The reason behind this could be router configuration, internet connectivity issue, or problem with hardware or outdated firmware. You don't need to panic because there are ways to fix it : firmware update, review the network settings, factory reset or check if there is service outage.

By using these options we can easily fix the problem of Cox router blinking orange.

What is the Reason behind the Cox Router Blinking Orange light?

You may see a blinking orange light on your Cox router due to various reasons. It basically indicates trouble, which needs to be addressed so you can resume your work without getting bothered by any router-related issues. Below we have listed some reasons that can cause Cox router blinking orange light problem.

1) Internet connectivity issues: The blinking orange light indicates that there is some problem with the internet connection. This issue can appear because of the service outage. To confirm service outage, contact your ISP. If it's not the server problem, then there is probably some miscommunication between your router and your ISP. It is essential to resolve this issue to continue with your internet-related tasks without any interruption.

2) Router configuration: A blinking orange light also indicates that the configuration process is going on. So, if you are in the middle of setting up your router, you will see a flashing orange light. This also indicates system resets and firmware updates. However, once the setup process is complete, the orange light will stop blinking.

3) Issues with the hardware: A flashing orange light on your cox router also indicates hardware malfunction. This may happen due to damage caused to some physical components such as internal circuitry and power supply. If you don't want any internet-related problems to get in your way, then you must fix hardware issues.

4) Configuration: Some issues with the settings of your router may also lead to a blinking orange light. These issues include incompatible settings, IP address conflicts, etc. Fixing these issues is necessary in order to ensure smooth operation.

What Are The Best Ways to Fix The Cox Router Blinking Orange Light Issue?

Below, we have mentioned different ways that can help you fix Cox router blinking orange light problem. So, let's read these solutions one by one.

1) Firmware update

As discussed above, firmware-related problems can also cause blinking orange light problems. So, to resolve this problem, you must perform a firmware upgrade. Check if there are any firmware updates available for your Cox router. If they are available, then go on with the update process.

2) Check wired connections

Make sure that the connection of your router with your modem is secure. Please check the ethernet cable connecting the two. If you find the cable damaged, then get it replaced. Also, disconnect both devices from the power source and then reconnect them after a while. Now, restart your router and check if this resolves your problem.

3) Power cycle your router

A simple power cycle can turn out to be extremely effective to fix the blinking orange light problem. Just turn off your router and unplug it from the wall outlet. Let it remain unplugged for a few seconds and then reconnect it. After that, turn on your router. This will reset your router and it will establish connections once again. If this doesn't work, then you can always review network settings.

4) Try reviewing network settings

Open the web-based settings page of your Cox router. Enter the IP address of your router in the URL section and then enter the credentials on the login page. Click on login and then the admin interface will open up. Please check that your router's DNS settings, subnet mask and IP address are accurate. Conflict with the settings can cause internet connection issues.

5) Check if there is service outage

Service outages can also be the cause of blinking orange light. Confirm that there is a service outage by getting in touch with your ISP. You can visit their main website or call them directly. If you get confirmation from your ISP that you are witnessing a blinking orange light because of the temporary service outage, then you must wait for the problem to get resolved.

6) Factory Reset

This one solution can help you resolve many technical failures you are going through. However, this should be the last step to take if nothing else is working. This is so because when you perform a factory reset you go back to the original Cox router settings that were there when you brought the device home. All the changes made in the settings will disappear after executing this solution.


So, in this post, you read about different reasons that may lead to Cox router blinking orange light problem and various solutions that can help you get rid of this problem. Technical problems become obstacles and they don't let us carry out our work smoothly.

However, with the required assistance you can return to seamless operation. Now, if you see a blinking orange light, you just need to apply the solutions stated here and this will help you go back to uninterrupted internet usage.

FAQs of Cox Router Blinking Orange

Q: Why is my Cox router flashing orange?

Ans: Cox router flashing orange light can happen due to various reasons. If you wish to know why your Cox router is flashing orange light, then read the article above.

Q: How can you reset the Cox router?

Ans: To reset your Cox router, you just need to press the physical reset button on your router. Once the reset is complete, your device will go back to factory default settings.