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How to Fix the Cisco Router Not Working?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix the Cisco Router not working. I am facing this issue of Cisco router not working. I have no idea about that how to fix it.

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Fix the Cisco Router Not Working:

Here I mention some effective methods to fix the cisco router not working problem.

1. Reboot Your Cisco Router:

The first step to fix the Cisco router not working this problem is to reboot the router and connected devices both. Follow the process.

  • Switch off the power of the router and the PC. And now remove the power cable of these devices from the wall socket.
  • Unplug the Ethernet cables from the back of both these devices and wait for 30 seconds.
  • Once you did put back the Ethernet cables to their real places.
  • Lastly, switch on the router and the PC.

2. Change the Wifi Frequency of the Cisco Router:

Once in a while, you need to “fix the Cisco router not working” problem, in case the frequency of the wireless network is not set properly. In that case, change the wifi frequency.

  • Open a web browser. Then, on the URL box enter “” and press the enter button.

  • You find the Cisco router login page. Leave the blank “username” box, and on the “password” box type ‘admin’ and click ‘ok’ key.
  • Cisco Router configuration page> go to the left panel> select wireless option> wireless settings page.
  • Within this section, place ‘channel’. And from the drop-down menu, choose either the ‘2.4GHz or 5GHz’ as per the user traffic.

  • Click on the ‘save’ key and exit from the router settings page.
  • Finally, see if the router is working correctly or not.

3. Remove the Difficulties that Blocks the Wifi Signal:

You want to “fix the cisco router wifi not working” issue in case some kind of difficulties like wall or floor blocks the signal. In such a case, you should follow these steps.

  • Place the router in the middle of your house; therefore, you can receive a good wireless signal.
  • And confirm that there are no obstructions that coverage the router.
  • Do not hold the router near the wall or ceiling. Maintain a distance of 2 feet and see if the connection improves or not.
  • In case, over there any devices such as TV, cordless phone, microwave which is close to the router, then remove them.

4. Enable the WLAN Auto Configuration Service:

This service WLAN Auto Configuration is usually to use for configures the connectivity settings and wireless security.

  • Press together of the ‘Windows + R’ button to open the ‘Run’ dialog box.
  • Inside that dialog box, enter “service.msc” and click on the ‘OK’ button.

  • Now, you will receive a new ‘services’ window in it. Since we will have services for all the plans set up inside the computer in a list.

  • After, from that list, place and select the WLAN ‘auto-configuration’ service. Next right click on the service and after that from the popup menu, select the option ‘Properties’.
  • And you will see a new window with the name WLAN auto-configuration properties.

  • Within that window, click on the ‘General tab’. Inside that tab, find the section ‘Start-up Type’ from the drop-down menu, click on the ‘Automatic’ option.
  • Bottom of this window, click on ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’.

5. WIFI Service Activation Methods:

Once the Windows operating system deactivates the Wifi service, then your cisco router not working properly, in that case, you can fix the cisco router not working problem. Here are the steps:

  • Search> and select Network icon> right-click> select open network and sharing center.
  • Once the ‘Network and Sharing center’ windows display, go to the left panel.
  • Next, from the left panel, select the change adapter settings link. This will open Network Connections.
  • On the same page, place the wireless network to which you are presently connected. And, right-click on the selected network and tap on enable option. In case the network is already active then disable and enable it again.
  • Once the wifi service is active, restart the computer and see if the cisco router works or not.

6. Upgrade the Wireless Network:

  • Right-click > on the Windows Logo> open the Options Menu> Select Device Manager, from the menu.
  • Within this window, you will find all the devices and their relevant drivers inside a list.
  • Form the list, place and select “Network Adapters” now tap on the arrow icon to disclose an expanded sub-list. The list includes driver network adapters.
  • Expanded sub-list> select primarily driver> right click> Update driver option.

  • Now, a new window will open with two links. Select Search automatically for updated driver software.
  • It automatically downloaded and installed if they need updation. You can wait for some time to complete.
  • Now, restart the device.
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