5 Best Fiber Optic Modems of 2024

Most of the time, the list of best fibre optic modems is made based on ISP compatibility and plan suitability. Here are the top 5 fibre optic modems that you can consider buying for your work or any other purpose. The first one is Verizon/FiOS G3100, and this modem is best for overall purposes.

The second one is the Greenwave C4000 XG; this modem is considered best for office work. The third one is Arris Windstream and NVG343BQ; this gateway device has ONT capability, which does not require any garage arrangement. The fourth one is ZyXEL C3000Z, this DSL modem is good for handling fiber connections. The fifth and last one is Arris NVG468MQ. This is the best modem and is budget-friendly. 

1. Best Overall: Verizon/Fios G3100

Not every fibre optic modem router can support the extremely high speeds the ISP offers. The Verizon/Fios G3100 is unique in that it successfully balances wired and wireless capability, enabling you to access speeds of up to 2.5Gbps easily. Additionally, it claims nearly twice as much range as the G1100.

2. Best for Office Work: Greenwave C4000XG

If Verizon's G3100 is creative enough, the Greenwave C4000XG will undoubtedly make you smile. This fibre internet modem, also known as the Axon C4000XG, is a significant improvement over the C4000LG in that it supports GPON and the Wi-Fi 6 wireless standard (built-in router).

3. Best ONT Modem: Arris Windstream NVG343BQ

Few fibre gateway devices include ONT capability, which eliminates a typical garage arrangement requirement. The Arris Windstream NVG343BQ is the ideal device to choose if you want one. It surpasses other out-of-date Arris devices by incorporating Fiber-to-the-Premise capability combined with VDSL connectivity.

4.  ZyXEL C3000Z is the Best for Fibre and DSL Connections

The ZyXEL C3000Z is ideal if you are still looking for a DSL modem that can also handle fibre connections. The C3000Z delivers faster speed and a more cutting-edge design than other Zyxel-series devices.

5. Best Budget FTTH Modem: Arris NVG468MQ

Are you looking for a cheap fiber optic modem/router combo with MoCA capabilities? The Arris NVG468MQ is the best choice to take into account. Additionally, it outperforms the Arris NVG34BQ using add-on MoCA 2.0 services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Approach to Attach my Gateway to a Fiber Connection?

Every fiber connection configuration runs directly into the ONT, or optical network terminal, at your house or the closest hub. The PON port of the concerned modem, which would be commonly color-coded either blue or green, is subsequently fed with the optical fiber from the hub.

Why would You Use a Fibre Modem?

With a fiber modem, you may access the fastest possible internet whilst avoiding the hassle of finding several devices. A fiber modem is typically a modem-router combination that performs well in assisting you in setting up a wireless network or even a wired network, depending on your needs.

Which Modem Works Best with Fibre-optic Internet?

The best fibre optic modem title in the retail market is up for grabs with many competitors. To find one, it's best to consider factors like price-to-value balance, setup simplicity, app support, and a larger number of ethernet ports.

Is a Special Modem Required for Fibre Internet?

Yes, unlike traditional cable modems, you need a separate modem for fiber-based internet services. When looking for fiber modems, it is usually a good idea to seek modem-router combos because the PON ports serve as modems, and the rest of the device is utilised to transmit the internet service across the room, wired and wirelessly.


You can meet a particular user's needs with each of these five Best Fiber Optic Modems, even though this is a short list if you are still unclear. You can always look at several other choices to choose the modem or modem-router combination that best suits your wants, work needs, and budget.