Are Spectrum Routers Worth It? [Pros & Cons]

A spectrum router is worth it or not totally depends on your needs. If you have a spectrum internet service then it is advisable setup spectrum router in your home as it is very easy and also ensures that you have a strong and decent signal.

There is also a bad side of spectrum internet. You’ll sometime notice spectrum router red light, unnecessarily. Your router won’t connect to the internet and you may be in a bad situation.

Today, in this guide we are going to talk about an indepth-review of spectrum internet, whether they are worth  purchasing it or not.

Why Choose Spectrum Routers? - The Pros


Spectrum routers have very strong security features like firewalls that protect your devices from online threats and viruses. You can also set up a strong password to prevent any unauthorized access.

Spectrum comes up with frequent firmware updates that keep your devices updated and the router becomes more reliable to use.

Customer Support: 

If you are facing any kind of difficulty with your router, you can easily take the help of customer support. The company provides this facility so that if any of its users experience any issues with the spectrum router, then they can provide customer support services. 

They will troubleshoot all your problems and if required, they will also provide home services. The executive will come to your house and will look into the matter personally.

Free Replacement: 

This is a big advantage for spectrum users that if there is any issue with your spectrum router, then the company provides a free replacement facility.  In other words, you can replace your spectrum router in case it is not working properly or there is any system error for free.

You can save a lot of money as you do not have to buy a new router.

Easy Setup: 

It is very easy to set up a spectrum router in your house as the setups are not complicated and can be done by anyone whether you are tech-savvy or not.  If you are not able to set up the system, you can also take the help of customer support. 


Spectrum routers are designed to be highly compatible with different devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, and smart home devices.

You can easily link all your devices to the same network and will not face any compatibility issues and it will not affect your internet speed also.

Why you should not Choose? - The Cons

Limited Customization Options:

Spectrum router doesn’t provide many customized options. It is very limited as compared to other routers. Other routers have more advanced features. However, you can customize your spectrum router by logging into the spectrum portal.

It is a disadvantage for users who want advanced features in their routers as they cannot set up the router system as per their requirements.

Customer Service Issues:

Nowadays, people do not like to wait for any services. Many users have reported this issue that spectrum router customer service has long wait runs which annoys the users.

The executives are also not supportive. They do not try to understand the problem of the users.

Rental Fees:

If you are using a spectrum router, then spectrum charges monthly fees from their users.

This becomes very expensive and also adds up over time.  It is not possible for the average user to pay such an excessive amount. 

Security Concerns:

Some users have also reported that spectrum routers lack security. 

It is well-known that spectrum routers provide regular firmware updates but still to protect your devices from security threats, you should take into consideration all the necessary security protection.

Limited Range:

Spectrum routers have a limited range which results in weak wifi signals. And, in this case you may not access the internet in your spectrum.

If you have many devices which require a strong wifi signal, then it becomes difficult for you to operate them.

To have a fast and reliable internet speed, routers should cover a wide range so that users can use their Wifi from any corner of their house or office area.


To conclude, Spectrum routers can be very easy to set up and provide a free replacement but there are certain drawbacks which you should not neglect such as the rental fees that you will have to pay to use the router and limited customization options.

So, as per your requirements, you have to decide whether a spectrum router is suitable for you.