How DO I Get the Free Wifi At Home?

Get Free WiFi at Home

Internet is a basic necessity of today’s life but if we see the bills we are getting from the internet recharges are unbearable. We, there is always a possible way to reduce the extra expenses like the WiFi recharge from your lists as there are plenty of options available that allow you to get access to the WiFi free.

However, the availability of free WiFi connections depends on various factors such as the area in which you are living. Like if you live in an urban area then your nearby areas will be filled with the wifi hotspot that you can make use of while in the rural area the problem arises the most. Read out the below article to get to know about it.

How to Get Free WiFi at Home?

To get access to free WiFi at Home there are plenty of options that we have mentioned in the below paragraph you can read.

1. Use “Free Wi-Fi Near Me” Apps

There is a free wifi near me app available on both Google Play and the App Store from where you can download it. These apps offer you to get access to free wifi near you and you can simply choose the one that suits you the best.

2. Find a Place With a Public Wi-Fi Hotspot

In cities, there are various options available from where you can get access to free wifi legally such as hotels, retail stores, coffee shops, museums, libraries, supermarkets, and many more. These are the places where the options of free wifi become broad and even legal.

And if you are worried about going to another place and networking well, many metropolitan cities like Barcelona, New York, or Paris provide free entrance exams all over the country. Before going just do a proper research and then get ready for your trip.

3. Bring a  portable router

You can also purchase a portable router as it will allow you to set your own WiFi hotspot anywhere making it a good option for those who want WiFi access on the go.

These are just like the home router but you are not required to use any cable for that and it will operate the 3G, 4G, or 5G technology easily. But relatively these devices are small and inexpensive.