How Do I Fix An Unstable WiFi Connection?

An unstable connection is quite annoying as it puts a lot of obstruction in your regular work and negatively impacts your productivity. To fix this issue, you first need to find the cause of the unstable Wi-Fi connection.

There can be several reasons behind the unstable wifi connection: Interference in the network to multiple wifi networks, consumption of the internet above the limit, outdated or faulty firmware, unwanted devices accessing your wifi network, and many more.

All of these issues can be fixed, and you can troubleshoot them on your own or with the help of a support hand.

How to Fix an Unstable Wifi Connection?

Let's fix the unstable wifi connection in a few simple ways-

Try Changing the Wi-Fi channels

The instability is caused by wireless congestion and these problems arise especially in densely populated areas. You must first find the less congested channels and switch the router to those channels. You can consider upgrading to better models for enhanced stability.

Try Placing Your Router in a Better Location/Area

Many home appliances and objects can interfere with Wi-Fi signals. So, try to place the to uter in the open air where there is a regular flow of air to eliminate interference and disturbance.

Try Restarting Your Device

A simple restart can sometimes refresh the device and resolve the unstable Wi-Fi connection.

Turn off your device and then connect with the wifi network again.

Try Updating Your Network Drivers

Sometimes, outdated network drivers can cause instability in the wifi connection. So make sure you have installed all the updated Network drivers.

Try Running an Internet Troubleshooter

Running a built-in internet troubleshooter can detect the problem and fix those issues that are causing unstable wifi connections.

Try Switching to Google DNS

If you are facing an unstable wifi connection then you can try to update from your regular DNS server to Google DNS. It will improve internet stability and speed to a greater extent.

All of these solutions can be helpful for common wifi problems. In case the problem is big in your case then you can try to take help from an internet service provider for guidance and assistance.