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How to Change Verizon Fios WiFi Password?

Hello, Please let me know that how to change Verizon fios wifi password. I want to change it but don't know how. Hlp me.

Change Verizon Fios Wifi Password:

If you are using Verizon Fios wifi and want to change its password then go through it. Here you will find all your answers. You will even get the way to change Verizon Fios wifi password. The below-explained methods will help you to protect your home network.

Features Of Verizon Fios

Following are the features of this network because of which it is becoming famous all over the world.

  • Fiber optic cable is used to design it.
  • High speed of the network.
  • Secure internet network.
  • Provide HD quality of the picture.
  • Provide digital sound like the crystal clear.

There are many more features but I have explained the importance once. Now let's further proceed to the methods to change passwords.

Methodologies To Change Verizon Fios Wifi Password

In this, I will provide you 3 methods that will help to the password of the Verizon Fios network. You can choose any one method which seeks to be easy for you.

Method 1:- With The Help Of Router Login

To use this method, the First step you need to do is to login to the router of Verizon Fios. In most of the devices, you can visit the login screen of the router by entering the IP address “”.

Note: The user interface of the login page of the router is different for all different devices.

Steps to change the password through router login are as follows.

Step 1 : Go to the settings and click on the - change wireless settings.

Step 2 : Scroll down to visit the section of the authentication method.

Step 3 : Set the new password for the network.

Step 4 : Lastly click on save option.

Hence your password is changed successfully.

Method 2:- Through The App Of My Fios

You can manage the setting of wifi through My Fios App as it is basically designed for Verizon Fios. Step to change the password through App are given below.

Step 1 : Install and run the My Fios App.

Step 2 : Choose the internet.

Step 3 : Select the name of your network from the list of MY Network options.

Step 4 : Click on the edit option.

Step 5 : Set a new password for the wifi.

Step 6 : Hit on the save button to save the changes.

Now, the mission to change Verizon Fios wifi password is successfully done.

Method 3:- Using My Verizon App

This app also helps you to change the password. Step by step manual guide for this method is as follows.

Step 1 : Log in to your account of My Verizon App.

Step 2 : Choose the internet connection.

Step 3 : Go to my network option and select your wireless network.

Step 4 : Click on the manage option.

Step 5 : Provide a new password to the wifi network.

Step 6 : Lastly press enter on the save button.

The password of the wifi network is changed.


Above in this, I have provided you some easy methods to change Verizon Fios wifi password. You can use any one from them to change the password and can secure your Verizon Fios wifi from unauthorized users to access it. These methods can be followed by novice users as well. I hope this gives you a fruitful result.

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How to Change Verizon Fios WiFi Password

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