How to Connect Alexa to New Wifi?

Amazon Alexa is a remarkable voice functionality that has made our lives easier. Now, instead of manually completing your basic tasks like turning off the lights, online shopping, playing music, etc, you can do all of this simply by giving voice commands. However, in order to use Alexa or any other voice assistant, you must connect your Amazon Echo speaker to a wireless network.

If you are not connected to a wireless network, then you won't be able to use this voice assistant. If you wish to learn how to connect your Alexa device to a wireless network, then take a good look below. But before we discuss the process, let's first talk about some amazing features of Amazon Alexa.

Some Amazing Features of Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is a popularly-known voice functionality. With just your voice, you can control a lot of things in the world around you. Some of Alexa's interesting features include commanding Alexa to play news or a song. Apart from that, you can command Alexa to turn off the lights in your bedroom.

Moreover, you can ask Alexa to help you meet your entertainment needs by asking Alexa to play a movie or web series.

Process to Connect Alexa to Wi-Fi

If you wish to connect Alexa devices to a wireless network, launch the Alexa app and then select devices. After that, select the option of Echo and Alexa and then choose the device that you wish to connect to the internet. Then, select the Change option given next to the Wi-Fi network and then type-in the password to connect to the network.

Step 1: Launch the Alexa app. In case you don't have this app on your smartphone, then go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store to download the Alexa app.

Step 2: After that, select Devices. You are going to view this option at the end of your screen.

Step 3: Then, choose the option of Echo and Alexa. This option can be seen in the upper-left corner of your screen.

Step 4: Now, select the Alexa device that you wish to connect to the wireless network. In case your device does not appear in the list, then return to the Devices screen and then choose the option of All Devices. After that, you will see an option next to Echo and Alexa. If you don't see the name of your device on your screen, then you must reset it and then set it up one more time.

Step 5: After that, select Status. This way, you will be able to check the wireless network to which your device is connected.

Step 6: Select Change. This option can be viewed right next to the wireless network option under the Wireless tab.

Step 7: After that, select the option of Join another Wi-Fi network.

Step 8: Then, press the Action button on your device and hold it for some time. The Action button of your Echo device has a dot icon on it. In case you don't see this button on your device, then press the volume up and volume down button simultaneously.

Step 9: Now, your device will enter the setup mode. Then, select Continue. After that, you will see a spinning orange light on your screen. Moreover, your device will say, "Now, in setup mode, carry out the directions appearing in your Alexa app.


So, these are the easy and simple steps that you need to carry out in order to connect Alexa to the wireless network. Once the connection is established, you can use Alexa again and give voice commands to control various things in your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Reconnect My Alexa to a New Wi-Fi?

Ans: In order to connect Alexa to a new Wi-Fi, carry out the easy steps mentioned in the article above.

Q2. How to Connect Alexa to a New WiFi Network Without the App?

Ans: To connect Alexa to Wi-Fi without using the app, open your internet browser and then go to After that, log in to your Amazon account. Then, go to the menu on the left and then select Settings. Now, select Devices and then choose "Set up a new device" option. Select your device and then power it on and then you will see an orange ring. Connect the Amazon network and then select Continue in the browser. Now, select the network that you want to connect to and then enter its password.

Q3. How Do I Connect My Alexa Smart Plug to a New WiFi?

Ans: To connect Alexa smart plug to a new Wi-Fi, you need to carry out the instructions appearing in the Alexa app.