How to Connect an Ethernet Cable to a Wireless Router

Please let me know that how to connect an ethernet cable to a wireless router. I am facing some issues while doing this. If you know then help me.
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Connect an Ethernet Cable to a Wireless Router:

An ethernet cable is a cord or the network cable that runs from a modem router or network switch to your computer providing your device access to the local area network LAN giving you access to the internet. 

An ethernet cable is a type of network cable that connects wired devices together to the local network for internet access and file sharing. Linksys routers use Ethernet cables to connect to the modem via its WAN port or internet and get access for a wireless and wired device connected behind the router.

Connecting ethernet cable

  • Modem to router
  • Router to wired devices
  • Modem to the router
  • Router to computer

Wired connections provide more stable and faster network performance compared to wireless ones but ethernet cable can only extend to a limited distance depending on its specification. So you can improve your network and internet experience by going wireless instead of limiting yourself to wired technology as wireless fidelity gives you convenient and mobile access to your network.

Wireless routers have become increasingly common as a way to share an internet connection between multiple computers because of the proliferation of the laptop and computers in recent years. However, you can use a wireless router for connecting a computer or laptop without a wireless adapter to the internet. 

There are four Ethernet ports present in most wireless routers on the back that you can use to access the internet over a wired connection and an additional fifth Ethernet port is used to connect the router to a DSL modem or a cable

Connecting an Ethernet Cable to a Wireless Router

Step 1: You need to remove the power cable from the back of the cable or DSL modem and disconnect its power cable if the wireless router is connected to a power outlet.

Step 2: Connect one end of the first ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the back of the DSL modem of the cable. Ethernet cables connect similarly to phone cables where the cable should be in a position as the cutout on the side of the ethernet port so that the tab extending from the side of the connector faces the same direction. Finally push it inside until you feel a click.

Step 3: Connect the other end of the ethernet cable to the port labelled cable / DSL, internet or wan on the back of the wireless router.

Step 4: You need to connect one end of the second ethernet cable to any of the remaining ports on the back of the wireless router consisting of 1-4 numbered. You can use any port you like as these numbers are simply to help you remember which port goes to which destination.

Step 5: The other end of the ethernet cable is connected to the back of the computer.

Step 6: Reconnect the power cables for the DSL modem or cable and wireless router and you will be able to use the internet within 30 seconds on the wired computer.

Connecting Ethernet Cable to WiFi

Connect your router via ethernet cable. Plug the ethernet cable into the network port of a computer making sure your computer is off. Plug the other end into one of the Ethernet ports on the router and make sure you plug it into one of the other ports if your router has an Ethernet port for connecting to a modem.

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