How to Find Wps Button on Xfinity Router?

Please let me know that how to Find wps button on xfinity router. I am facing some issues while searching it. If you know then help me.

Find WPS Button on Xfinity Router:

If you locate the WPS button on your Xfinity router, then with the help of that button you can connect to the wireless network. So here in this blog post, you will learn how to connect to Wi-Fi by finding the WPS button on your Xfinity router.

New router models have a WPS button placed on them that will remove the need of entering Wi-Fi details like the wireless network name and password. 

It is easy to set up an internet connection using Wi-Fi protected setup. There are two ways using which you can establish a wireless network connection.

Xfinity Router WPS Button include:

  • Use Push Button Configuration to set up Wi-Fi
  • Use Personal Identification to set UP Wi-Fi 
  • If your computer or any other device supports the WPS feature, then this feature will help you in setting up a secure Wi-Fi connection. A product that supports the WPS functionality will have a label or WPS button on it. 

1) Use Push Button Configuration to set up Wi-Fi

The steps that you need to perform to establish an internet connection may differ based on the products you are using.

To set up a Wi-Fi connection carry out the steps given below. 

  • Press the button "Wi-Fi products with WPS" on your Wi-Fi product or PC. 
  • Go to the gateway and then press the WPS button within the next 120 seconds. Check whether the WPS button is located. A success message will appear on your computer screen showing that it is connected to the network. 
  • If you press the WPS button on your xFi Gateway 3rd generation, then your blue LED light will start to flash slowly. This will indicate the device is in the pairing mode. When the pairing is done, then you will see a white light on your Xfinity device. 
  • If you press the WPS button on your xFi Advanced Gateway, then the blue LED light will start to blink slowly. This means that your device is in WPS pairing mode. After the pairing is over, then you will see a white light on your device. 
  • When the WPS button is pressed, the LED light blinks continuously until a successful connection is established.  If you find that the connection is unsuccessful, then the light will blink nonstop for 5 minutes. Wait for the LED light to stop blinking before you reconnect or try to connect it to some other WPS device. 

2) Use a Personal Identification Number to Set up Wi-Fi

Below are the simple steps that you need to follow to set up Wi-Fi using the PIN. 

Step 1: Please make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled on your computer. 

Step 2: Launch the WPS utility and then select the method of PIN. 

Step 3: Choose the name of the network you wish to connect to. 

Step 4: Now, you need to create a PIN number. After that, a 5-minute count down will begin.

Step 5: After that, go to the Wireless Gateway and open the Admin tool using your device that is connected to the gateway. 

Step 6: Enter admin in the username section and password in the password section. 

Step 7: Select login


  • This utility is only available if the devices you are using support the WPS setup.  
  • If the client asks for the PIN at the time of connection, then type the Wi-Fi-protected setup PIN that is given on the label in the last panel of the gateway.

In case the Xfinity wps button setup does not work, then you must personalize the name of your wireless network name and password.

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How to Find Wps Button on Xfinity Router

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