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How to Fix Eero Router Blinking Blue Light?

Please let me know that how to fix Eero router blinking blue light. I am facing some issues while using this router. Help me.
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Fix Eero Router Blinking Blue Light:

Getting an Eero router installed in your home is one simple solution for all your internet needs but at times you may have to encounter an Eero router blinking blue light issue. Friends, I recently had to get the issue of the Eero router blinking blue light resolved by checking my internet connection and making the best use of user manuals.

Ideally, there could be a multitude of reasons ranging from damaged components to an enabled Bluetooth broadcasting fixing which simply implies that you should be aware of certain easy-to-do methods which are discussed by means of this quick user guide.

The Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Mode

It is often noticed that the Eero router blinking blue light may be indicating that your Eero router is getting ready to be paired with an external wireless device. This can materialize only if you enter the passcode or click on the Next in a bid to accomplish the pairing process.

So, kindly ensure that this entire process is followed to facilitate the connection between your Eero and the external hardware device.

Bluetooth Pairing Issue

Another reason for the Eero router blinking blue light could be the fact that Bluetooth broadcasting might have been enabled and that the pairing process may have come on stream. So, fixing this issue of the Eero router blinking blue light requires entering the passwords and establishing the connection further.

Checking the Internet Connection

Your Eero router might be suffering from a bad connection and therefore would be reflecting blue light. To fix this, you just need to unplug all the cables and refer to the user manual for setting the connection again.

If the problem of the Eero router blinking blue light settles then a mismatched connection would have definitely been the real cause of the Eero router blinking blue light issue.

Faulty Components 

Your Eero router might be blinking blue light owing to some faulty components in which case you must check the power connections and must consult the company for any required replacement of your Eero router’s defective components.

Doing Away with Any Physical Blockages

Many a time a large number of physical blockages might restrain your Eero router connection thereby causing it to blink the blue light. So to fix it you must place your Eero router on a flat surface and not against a fixed wall. This could help you fix the issue of the Eero router blinking blue light.

Contacting the Internet Service Provider

Contact your Internet service provider who can assist you with the latest as regards any service outage at his end. So, if there happens to be a service outage wait for the services to restore and thereafter continue enjoying seamless internet connectivity when your Eero router stops blinking blue light.

Resetting Your Eero Router

If after trying the above methods your Eero doesn’t stop blinking blue light then you must resort to restoring default factory settings.

To get this done simply follow the steps underneath.

Step 1 - Open your Eero application and go to the Settings option.

Step 2 - Under the Settings section just go to Advanced Options and click on Reset.

You may also reset your Eero by locating and pressing the reset button at the back of your Eero external device.

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