How to Set up Access Point Mode on ASUS Repeater Device

Please let me know that how to set up access point(AP) mode on ASUS repeater device. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.
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Set up Access Point(AP) Mode on ASUS Repeater Device:

To extend WiFi coverage to additional network customers when in access point (AP) mode, an ASUS repeater device attaches to a router via Ethernet cable.

Describe an Access Point.

The radio signal of a router is extended by a device called an access point (AP). An access point generates a new wireless communication to cover more ground as opposed to a repeater, which merely amplifies the existing signal.

You can add computers to your wireless connection in a different place without compromising the signal quality by activating a Wi-Fi rebroadcast in point of access mode and likewise configure the ASUS repeater device's Access Point (AP) mode.

That's all, then! You can now expand the internet connection of the internet connection to cover another region in your house or workplace with considerably more power because your WiFi rebroadcast is set up in access point mode. Consult the WiFi repeater's user manual or contact a professional if you run into any problems or have any questions during the process.

How is AP Mode Configured with ASUS Repeater?

The IP address assigned by DHCP varies when in AP mode. The Device Finding Utility should be downloaded and installed first.

Step 1: Please connect the machine to the RP-AC53 (wired or wirelessly) in step one.

Step 2: The Quick Internet Setup (QIS) webpage will be presented to you when you first log in to the Web GUI.

Step 3: In step three, select [ACCESS POINT(AP)]

Step 4: Enter the network name (SSID) and networking key for the Wi-Fi, then click [APPLY].

Step 5: Go to [] by clicking it or by opening a new web browser and typing it in.

Step 6: Fill out the login form with the RP-AC53’s default credentials ([admin] and [Sign In]).

Step 7: You must first configure a username and a password for the RP-AC53 login.

Access Point(AP) mode configuration is complete in step eight.


1. How can I Switch the ASUS Repeater Device’s Operation Mode?

1. Go to Operation mode under Administration. Click Download to Apply after selecting the Access Point (AP) mode.

2. What are the typical passwords and usernames for the ASUS Wi-Fi rebroadcast equipment when logging in for the first time?

[admin] is the default username and password.

How do I Download the Firmware or Utilities?

In the ASUS Receive Centre, you may download the most recent drivers, programs, firmware, and user guides.

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