Why ASUS Router is Not Setting up with USB Modem

I bought an Asus router AC-RT66U. I have a USB modem which has no other port as LAN. I have only one ethernet LAN controller which is integrated. Now with the mentioned device above can I set up my router, so I can use the internet on another Wi-Fi device. Please help in this context.

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Connect Asus Router to USB Modem:

For connecting Asus router to the internet, firstly connect Asus router AC-RT66U to the USB modem using an ethernet cable. 

Make sure Ethernet cable is connected to the WAN/Internet Ethernet port on the Asus router and the Ethernet port on the USB modem.

Now follow these steps to setup Asus router with USB modem:-

1. Open the web browser and browse to the following page:

When you are prompted to Asus Router login page, you have to enter Username and Password. Type “admin” in Username field box and “admin” in the Password field box.

2. Once you are logged in select WAN option.

3. Navigate to Basic Config section enter the following details:

WAN Connection Type: PPPoE

Enable WAN: Yes

Enable NAT: Yes

Enable UPnP: Yes

4. Go to WAN IP Setting section and click on “Get the WAN IP” and set automatically to Yes.

5. Next, go to WAN DNS Setting section and set “Connect to DNS Server” automatically to Yes.

6. After that, open Account Setting section enter the following details:

User Name: The format should be like zen12345@zen ("zen" followed by numbers and "@zen").

Password: The password will be a mixture of letters and numbers and case-sensitive characters.

7. After applying these changes, click on Apply Settings and save the changes.

The setup should now be completed and you can start using the Internet.

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