How to Setup Internode With Router

I want to setup DSL-2877AL modem router for Internode VDSL connection but does know which procedure is best for me. Is there anyone who can guide me to setup internode with the router without any problem? Thanks in Advance!

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Internode Login Setup -

Steps to Setup DSL-2877AL Modem Router for Internode VDSL Connection -

Step 1 : Firstly open any internet browser and type Dlink modem IP address “” in the address bar. Now, you are prompted to enter login details, just enter them in the username and password field box and hit the Login button.

If you forgot password then you have to reset Dlink modem to factory settings. For resetting, press the Reset button for 10 seconds.

Step 2 : After logging into Dlink router, first, tap on Setup and then on Setup Wizard. Hit Next button and follow the setup wizard.

Step 3 : Navigate to modem’s configuration page and set a new password. Also, set your Timezone.

Step 4 : After this, set the following values -

  • Internet Connection Type - VDSL
  • Country – (Your Country Name)
  • Internet Service Provider - Others
  • 802.1q – Set as deactivated
  • Protocol - PPPoE
  • MTU - 1492

Step 5 : Now, you have to enter PPPoE information that is provided by your ISP. For your internode account, type username and password.

Step 6 : In the next step, choose your wireless network or type the network name that you want to use. Also, choose wireless security.

Step 7 : Enter the Security password and then hit Next button.

Step 8 : At last, click on Save button.

Now, your Dlink router-modem setup is complete. If you face any problem while setting up Dlink router then feel free to ask for professional support by calling on Dlink Router.

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