ASUS Router WiFi Calling Not Working

I have a ASUS router which I bought 15 days ago but Now, I am unable to call when I am using ASUS router wifi calling.

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Asus Router WiFi Calling -

Asus router is a device created to provide you with maximum Wi-Fi coverage. Asus router is known for providing a reliable and smooth wireless connection to every single area of your house. There are certain cases that can affect Asus router’s wireless network coverage. These include any furnishings made in the house or room layout.

Asus WiFi calling is a very common feature in both iOS as well as Android Smartphones. But some people don't know the fact that it can also get enabled by default. However, the majority of people know how to enable wireless calling on their smartphones. If the above-mentioned technique does not work out for you, then in such a case you can try out using 2.4 ghz router. Sometimes the calling feature does not work because people generally use 5 ghz network.

Also, you can turn on the airplane mode of your Smartphone. After that, turn on your Wireless network. Moreover, you can reset the unit after the updates are completed. Also, make sure that there is no firmware glitch when updates are done.

So, these are some of the ways that can help you in sorting out your Asus router wifi calling not working issue. We hope that our solutions are useful to you and you don’t face any problem with Asus WiFi calling.

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