Why Asus Router is Dropping Out Connection Constantly

I have problems with Asus router which I have had for approx 4 years getting hot & dropping connection constantly. This has worsened over the last 4 months. I have a high speed cable connection & all devices in the house are wireless. What should I do to get this sorted out?

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  • 2 years ago

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Fix Asus Router Dropping Connection Issue:

There are many factors due to which internet connection drops between your Asus router and computer.

1.The low signal quality received from Asus router.

2.Frequency interference from other wireless devices

3.Mismatched router settings

4.Power Outage

5.The computer adapter’s driver needs to update.

If your Asus router is dropping connection then check out these measures that are described below -

1.Firstly you have to check that location where you have placed your Asus router. Because if your router is placed in the distant place then definitely signal strength will decrease. To boost signal quality, place your Asus router at the central position of home and also make sure the location is free of any obstructions.

2.You can set Asus router frequency as 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz or mixed. Normally, interference occurs when wireless devices use the same frequency at the same network. There are various devices that use same frequency such as cordless phones, baby monitors etc.

To fix frequency interference glitches, power Off router and relocate your Asus router away from sources of interference.

3. To fix connection dropping issues, Wireless-N routers should be paired with Wireless-N adapters. If you are using Wireless N router with wireless N adapter then you have to set the wireless mode as “Mixed”.

4. To recover from the power outage, you need to power cycle your router. For this, power off your Asus router and unplug from the power adapter. Now wait for a few moments and then re-plug to the power adapter.

If still, you experience any issue after power cycle then perform these tasks -

1. First, reset then reconfigure your Asus router - To reset Asus router, first press the Reset button for 12 seconds. After 12 seconds, release button. By doing this, your Asus router will reset. Now, login into Asus router wizard by entering default credentials.

Now, modify the wireless settings as your need and usage.

2. Update Asus router’s firmware – After the power failure, router’s firmware gets corrupted. In such circumstances, upgrade your router’s firmware. If you already have the latest version of firmware then perform a re-flash.

Try these measures at once and if you need further assistance then ask for support by calling on Asus router.

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Hi Henry, Try these steps:

1) If your modem is getting hot, try positioning it so that it gets decent airflow and clear the dust from the air grills.

2) Try changing the Wi-Fi channel on your modem, there may be interference from the environment or other wireless devices.

You can easily configure your Asus router without any mismatch.

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