Why My ASUS Router is Not Connecting to PC

Hi, I have replaced my old Belkin router with an Asus RT-N56R router. My ipad, iPod, and iPhone are connecting to Asus router without any problem, however, my PC with an Asus USB-N13 for wireless connection will not connect to the router. It worked fine on the old Belkin router but it is not connecting to the new router. I don't know how to fix this issue, please help me!!

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It is very common for routers to have a connectivity issue with the PC, and the ASUS Router is no different. To fix the problem of the Asus Router not connecting to the PC, you require a coaxial cable, cable modem, power adapter, Ethernet cable, and a PC with the network interface.

Now, check the connectivity issue by checking the ethernet and wireless connection along with the Windows firewall, re-connecting the Wi-Fi, checking the range of Wi-Fi, and checking the settings on the router. Then try to fix these problems, and if you need to change certain cables, do that for better connectivity.

Here are Some steps to check the connectivity issue between the ASUS router and the computer:

1) Ethernet Connection

In order to check the connectivity issue. First, we have to make sure that wire is connected correctly i.e. one end should be inserted in the router while another end should be directly plugged in the computer.

2)  Wireless Connection

If the wired connection is rightly done then troubleshoot the wire connection via settings in the computer.

Here are the steps to do it -

  • Open the “Control pannel”
  • Networking sharing centre”
  • Change the Adapter. Settings Right click on your LAN (your wireless network)
  • Select the properties
  • Check the DISABLE! Then, Right-click on your LAN (your wireless network ) again
  • Select the properties
  • check the ENABLE!

3)  Windows Firewall

Sometimes the windows firewall makes trouble in signal broadcasting. So, go the control pannel in computer > Open the windows firewall and turn it off!

4)  Re-Connect Wifi

If you have changed the wifi name or password on Asus router and even after that your computer is showing that you are connected to your ASUS wifi then you should reconnect it again.

Remember, always Reboot your router once after changing any kind of settings of your router. For re-connecting go to the wifi settings in your PC.

Now, Right-click on your wifi’s name > select forget the network then refresh your network and then again click on your wifi and connect it.

5)  Range of Wifi

Sometimes your wifi signal often get disconnected because of your range. Make sure that your PC is in range of the signal of your router.

6)  Settings in Router

Make sure you are using the correct password to connect the wifi. 


 If you’re using the right password and SSID then check radio settings they should be enabled.

To check the radio settings open your browser type the IP address of your Asus router in the URL address bar and Sign in to your Asus router and go the professional and check on the enable radio.

Here are some default IP addresses


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