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How to Login to an Asus Router?

Hello, Please let me know how to Login to an ASUS Router? I am facing some issues while Login to an ASUS Router. I tried many times but unavailable to Login to an ASUS Router. So can anyone have any idea?

Login to Asus Router

The ASUS router web interface is that the instrument panel for your router it's wherever all the settings area unit keep and adjusted. to form changes to your network you will need to login to ASUS router.

Needs to Access the ASUS Internet Interface

Accessing the ASUS internet interface is pretty simple and everyone you will need is:

  • ASUS router
  • Access to the network, Either through LAN-cable or through Wi-Fi
  • A web browser, that you clearly have.

Primarily to Login to ASUS router make sure you have got a computer network cable connected from the HKBN wall plate/ONT to the WAN port of your ASUS Router (RT-N56U).

Employing a second computer network cable, connect it from the Router computer network port to the pc computer network port. Once finished, activate the facility provide for the router and turn on the pc.

Below Instructions Unit the Directions to Attach to your ASUS Router's Interface for Configuration and Diagnostics

  1. Check That You're Connected to Your ASUS Router
  • To be able to reach the setup pages of your ASUS router, you will need to be connected to its network.
  • So begin by connecting to the network, either through local area network or through coax.

TIP: If you do not grasp the local area network secret for your ASUS router, you'll be able to continually hook up with it with an Associate in Nursing Ethernet cable, that will not need a secret.

  1. Open Your Web Browser and Navigate to

Open your browser and type the router's IP address into the address field. the foremost common IP address for ASUS routers is: If that IP address does not work, you'll be able to search the default ASUS IP address list for your specific model.

TIP: Your router's interface might look different depending on your version and model.

  1. Enter the Username and CounterSign for Your ASUS Router
  • In the username and countersign field, enter your current username and countersign and press enter / register.
  • Default login credentials for ASUS
  • If you {are not} positive concerning the username/password you'll be able to scrutinize the to check what the defaults are, and the way to reset to them.
  • The credentials can even be written on the label on the rear of your router.
  1. Factory Default Reset of ASUS Router

If the device isn't accessible from the router setting page, you'll be able to reset to the default setting by pressing the push button.

  1. ensure your asus router is switched on.
  2. Press and hold the [Reset] button with a pointy object for five seconds, then unleash the [Reset] button and wait the router to boot to its works default settings.
  3. Default Setting?
  • Login Name/ Password - admin / admin
  • IP Address -

Most of the newest routers factory-made by Asus Company area unit twin band routers and having all the properties of the simplest router you'll be able to have. numerous technologies area unit getting used currently to create the routers super quick.

Asus routers area unit designed in such the simplest way that you simply can get web access altogether corners of your home. With most of the Asus routers, you'll not want that you simply need to use extenders for extending the vary of the wireless signal. Moreover, the Asus router setup is additionally terribly simple.

For the setup, you've got to open the Asus router login page and you'll be able to try this by writing IP address or http://router.asus.com within the address bar of the opened browser. Make sure, the device you are using to open the Asus router login page ought to be connected to the web.

Login to ASUS router is accustomed perform common setup tasks, secure your wireless network, and more. The above guide can show you the way to log into your ASUS router using the router's IP address and login credentials, as well as the default username and password.

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How to Login to an Asus Router

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