Top Social Media Management Tools

Social media has risen with such importance that it cannot be overlooked at all. It has now become critical for any business that wishes to survive in the market to use social media marketing strategies. With this undeniable value, the need for social media management tools has also increased drastically. 

These social media management tools make it easier to manage the marketing plans by using the social media in a much-optimized manner. Nonetheless, for running these tools you need a strong internet connection so that your scheduled posts do not get delayed. You might think that high-speed internet connections only come with a high price tag, but Mediacom Internet Precio proves this wrong by offering reliable connectivity at affordable rates. 

So let’s find out the top social media management tools that you can choose for implementing your marketing strategies. 

1. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is one of the highly recommended social media management tools. It stands out due to several of its excellent features such as:

  • Real-time analysis for response and engagement.
  • Scheduling and automation process.
  • Affordable plan.
  • Seven days free trial. 

By using this software you can create post-able content with a browser extension, also you can schedule articles based on categories to save effort and time, all to keep your audience engaged by posting continuously.

2. Sprout Social

If you need software that is renowned for the best social media posting then Sprout Social is the one for you. This social media management tool offers you the following benefits:

  • You can cover several social media accounts. 
  • Can also assist you in customer support. 
  • Offers data analysis capabilities. 
  • Free 30 days trial. 

It can handle several social networking profiles while also serving as a sophisticated data analysis tool. To quantify exactly what material is performing for particular followers, you can sort by numerous demographic and geographic factors. Sprout can manage many accounts and track keywords across all social media platforms so you always know when your company is mentioned.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush has made its mark essentially as an SEO software, but it also serves as a smart social media management tool. You can opt for this tool for the following reasons:

  • Social media postings.
  • Social media tracker.
  • Has SEO integration.

You can schedule and post to as many social media networks that you have connected by using the social media poster. It has an image editor, along with shortened links to help you with the customization of your posts, that either you can schedule or post immediately. There's also the option of managing advertisements across Instagram, Facebook, Audience Network, and Facebook Messenger.

4. Hootsuite

This software is distinguished due to its analytics and tracking tools. Hootsuite possesses the following intriguing features:

  • Has the ability to connect with more than 20 social networks. 
  • Offers a free plan. 
  • Has a 30-day trial.

Hootsuite includes customizable reports and team productivity reporting, as well as some of the most comprehensive analytics and social media tracking tools available today. The price tag on this might be on the higher side but it does make all the costs worth the investment. 

5. Sendible

Sendible is a team-based social media management software that adds a variety of extra capabilities to the standard settings to help you have better power over your social media posting. It offers the following features:

With its useful social media dashboard, you can track all your social media activity in one spot. 

  • 14-Day free trial. 
  • Offers content optimization.
  • Has more integration options. 

Sendible has a robust suite of well-designed tools, and one of its finest features is its collaboration component, which allows teams to collaborate on assigned tasks and have content reviewed before it is scheduled, ensuring quality control.

6. Echlincher

It is one of the most out-of-the-box social media management tools. It has made it to our list of the top tools due to the following:

  • Exceptional customer service.
  • Automating scheduling
  • Analytics Reports
  • RSS feeds.
  • 14-Day free trial.

Social media ROI is substantial when you manage social media with eclincher's solution. Using a single dashboard, eclincher lets marketers and social media managers save time by focusing on marketing automation.


This list of the top-rated social media management tools has got everything you will ever need to put your social media marketing strategy into action efficiently. So what are you waiting for? Use any of this software and see which one fits your strategies and budgets the best.