Toptal Alternatives to Find Remote Software Development Jobs

Are you a software engineer struggling to land the job of your dream? Remote work has become all the rage, especially among tech workers. Even during this season of the infamous layoffs and quiet quitting, the tech talent market is booming.

According to stats from the Bureau of Labour, the need for software developers will grow even more in the years to come. All of us have heard of Toptal, but there is so much more to explore. Now, let us talk about Toptal alternatives to finding remote development jobs. 


Are you a developer looking to leverage your professional network? Then, Unicorndev might be a suitable option to explore jobs and elevate your resume. There is no doubt that the website and logo are super-attractive. All you have to do is fill in the online form, add your details, upload the resume, and wait for the Unicorndev team to get back to you!


Do you want to take your software development career to the next level? The Peopleperhour website has a diverse community of over 1.5 million freelancers. From becoming a part of a team to working individually, freelance developers can decide what role they want to fulfill. When it comes to securing coding projects, there is a range of choices you can explore. 


Brainhub dubs itself a“software development partner for fast-growing companies.” If you’re a software engineer searching for a side hustle or building their main hustle, check out Javascript and .NET are some of the coding languages the software engineers specialize in. Hence, do your research before applying to the platform. Their industry focus includes startups, marketing, online services, entertainment, etc.

Being a freelancer is a risky business. When you talk about job security for remote developers, has got you covered. has an attractive layout which makes it a treat to the eyes. To become a part of the Lemonverse, all you have to do is add your details. Plus, the developer can give the link to their LinkedIn resume. Sit back, relax (maybe not) and the team will contact you.

Do you wish to join a pool of talented, vetted software engineers? is a global marketplace of Silicon valley caliber engineers from diverse areas. Hence, it is one of the most useful Toptal alternatives to finding remote software development jobs.

The high level of competition is what makes Gaper an option worth considering. The best part is that you do not have to make an account to apply, just go through the job postings and choose the one you like! Furthermore, the developer gets a chance to work with the finest US-based startups.  A world of learning and discovery awaits you. 

We work remotely

Did you know software development is one of the highest-paying remote job boards? If you’re a highly qualified software developer who wants to improve your career path, then can be quite resourceful. The online hiring board has been around since 2013. Safe to say, We work remotely has a sufficient amount of experience with remote talent. Plus, the website caters to a seasoned clientele. 

Remote ok

With over 40,000 job offers, Remote ok is a pretty cool Toptal alternative to finding remote software development jobs for aspiring coders. This website has a strong social media presence, it is one of the top remote job boards in the world. In addition, the dashboard is easy to use. According to, Remote ok prioritizes “remote job opportunities.” Just skim through the job listings, and you’d be surprised to see an array of options. 

Trio. dev

“We blend HR and technology to amplify your mission.” This is the motto of Trio. dev which stands out on the main page. What makes it even more interesting is that they’ve mentioned the importance of maintaining a workplace culture. This is an essential ingredient in building a lasting relationship with the client. These are some factors that can encourage developers to join the community at Trio. dev. Moreover, the software developer can get a chance to work with distributed teams and thus, improve their portfolio. 


DevSquad is a “software development partner that brings your digital products to life.” In a way, they are software artisans. If a developer is planning to take their skills to the next level, then DevSquad is the place to be. The success stories sections on the website share the positive experiences of clients, it tells job applicants a lot about the way the DevSquad works. 

Idea Motive

Founded in the heart of Europe, Ideamotive provides tech products for startups and all business sizes. The virtual job board has a very futuristic approach when it comes to delivering projects. Therefore, it is an excellent Toptal alternative to finding remote software development jobs. 

Final words

According to Statista, “ The global developer population is expected to reach 28.7 million people by 2024.” Millennials and particularly, Gen-Z are well aware of the perks of getting into the field of software development. Therefore, it is important to make the right decision when finding Toptal alternatives to secure remote development jobs.