Buffalo Router - Japanese Language to English Language

I Have Buffalo Router Model WXR-1750DPH it default language is Japanese and i have search on how to change it language into english. Any Suggestion on how to change it Language into English ?? Thankyou for the answer in advance

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Answer - 1

Change Buffalo Router Japanese to English:

Hello Jayson! You can easily change the Buffalo router’s default language, just follow these steps -

Step 1: First of all, you have to access Buffalo router’s web user interface by entering its current IP address into the address bar. If you don’t know current IP address, then don’t worry as you can easily find out that using NAS Navigator. If NAS Navigator is not installed, then you can download the app from Buffalo downloads page.

Step 2: In Buffalo router’s Settings, tap on “Advanced Settings”. Then you will be asked to login with “Admin” account.

Step 3: On Advanced Settings screen, tap on “Management”.

Step 4: On the Management tab, tap on configuration widget next to “Name /Time/ Language”.

Step 5: From the lower right corner, click on “Edit” to change the settings.

Step 6: In the Name field, enter a new name. (Enter value upto 15 characters only)

Step 7: Move to Time tab and set Date/Time source as “Enable”. If your Linkstation does not have internet access then don’t worry as you can set the time manually. To set the Buffalo router to current time and date, just click on option “Use Local date/Time”.

Step 8: To set the correct time zone, just open the drop-down menu and choose accordingly.

Step 9: Now, move to the Language tab and set the Display language and client language. At this moment, you have to change the Buffalo router’s default language i.e., Japanese language to the English language.

Step 10: Next, move to the Management Information tab and record the “Location” as well as “Administrator ” field values.

Step 11: Once you set all options as per your choice, just save the changes.

That’s all.

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Answer - 2

Change Buffalo Router Japanese to English:

The problem seems to have arisen with the latest update of firmware in the router, I will discuss how you can change it back to English in few simple steps. So make sure to follow them carefully:

Step 1: Connect your Buffalo router to PC either via Ethernet wired connection or wirelessly over the wifi network.

Step 2: Enter the gateway address or your local address in the URL bar, and log in to your router settings by entering the admin login details.

Step 3: When you have logged into your router, you will notice an interface something like the image below.

Step 4: Click the second option from the left-hand panel as shown by the arrow.

Step 5: Change the text in the box indicated by the first arrow. Then, change the first drop down (indicated by arrow) to English, and the second drop down to CP437.

Step 6: Click the button at the bottom.

Step 7: Exit the browser, and restart.

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Answer - 3

To those who answer my Quest about on how to change the default language of my Buffalo Router Mode wxr-1750dph i will send the Web User Interface. It is different with the Web User Interface of all the answer. Thank You for answering :D

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