Why Can't I Connect to My Arris Router Settings Page?

Hello, I am using Arris router. I am troubleshooting an issue with connection to chat on my game. It also giving issue with play back flash videos on certain websites. I know how to fix the problem, but I cannot access my firewall settings on my Arris router due to the default gateway IP address. It gives me but when I type that into my search bar no connection is found. I can access my wireless routers page with no problem. But when directly hooked up to my router it's a no go. Please help me.

My Arris Router Model Number : TG862

Cant Login to Arris Router -

If you can’t connect to Arris router settings page then, first of all, you have to reset your router.

For Resetting Arris Router, Go Through These Steps -

  1. Look at the backside of Arris router, there will be Reset button.
  2. Press and hold Reset button gently by using a toothpick or any sharp object.
  3. Leave Reset button after 12 seconds and wait for Arris router to reboot.
  4. Once Arris router reboot, you should understand that your device has been restored to factory default settings.

How to Get into Arris Router Settings Page-

Follow these stepwise guidelines -

  • Connect your computer to Arris router by using an ethernet cable. Plug one end of the ethernet cable into computer’s ethernet port and another end into router’s ethernet port.
  • Open any web browser such as Mozilla Firefox and type “” in the browser’s address bar. Then press Enter button. Now Arris router’s status page will open on your computer’s screen.
  • At the top of Arris router’s status page, you will see Login button, just on it and proceed to next step.
  • Next, move to Password box and enter default password. Then click on Submit button. If you have not set any custom password then don’t type anything in the password field box.
  • To navigate to Arris router configuration screen, just click on the links that are located on the left side of the page.
  • After entering into Arris router settings page, you have to configure wireless settings. Tap on Wireless Setup link that is located on the left side.
  • In next step, click on Channel and SSID link and then enter your router’s wireless network name. To set a passphrase for your network, just click on the Security link.
  • For setting a custom password, tap on Utilities link that is located on the left side. After this, click on System Settings that is present in the Administration Password section (at the top of the page). Next, save this new password by clicking on Save button. If you want to setup port forwarding rules, then tap on Firewall > Virtual Servers.

After going through above points, I hope you can easily access Arris router and make changes in wireless settings as per your choice.

Arris Router Login Not Working -

A router is a medium by which there is communication within an area, with a group of community or a society. Basically, routers are used in offices, universities, campuses, wide area network or local area network. Arris router is one of the best routers all over the world. Before knowing how to access Arris router page it is very necessary to know how to find your arris router IP Address.

Routers are of two types: an Internal IP Address, and an External IP Address. If you want to configure arris router you need to connect to your web browser with your Internal IP Address.

To know your Arris routers Internal IP Address you can follow the steps-

  • Try all the arris IP Addresses default IP Address.
  • You must follow how to find Arris routers Internal IP Address Guide.

Here are Few Steps Showing How to Access Arris Router Setting Page or it can be How to Fix Arris Router:

  • Be sure you are connected to your network hard wired or wirelessly to the arris router.
  • After that open any web browser window you are having.
  • Type in the address bar and then press Enter.

Enter the Following Information on the Login Screen:

  • Username: cusadmin
  • Password: password

After logging in you are able to find the information you need to use your device in your place. The Arris Router is having WPA/WPA2-PSK encryption standards.

  • Network Name(SSID)
  • Network Password(Pre-shared key)

Hence you can fix Arris router login not working problem.

Check these steps to get into Arris router settings page -

  1. First of all, you have to connect Arris router to your PC by using an ethernet cable. You have to plug one end of the ethernet cable into computer’s ethernet port and another end into Arris router’s ethernet port.
  2. Then you have to type “” in the address bar and then press Enter to open Arris router’s status page.
  3. On the Arris router’s status page, click on Login button. Then move to Password box and type your Arris router’s password into it. And after this, click on Submit button. If you have not set any custom password then don’t enter any values in the Password field.
  4. In the next step, you have to click on links that are located on the left side of the page to navigate Arris router’s configuration screens and setup Arris router.
  5. Tap on Wireless setup to configure your Arris router’s wireless network. Then tap on “Channel & SSID” to name your router’s wireless network. To set a passphrase for your network, click on “Security” link.
  6. If you want to set up a custom password then click on Utilities that is located on left side of the page. And then click on “System Settings” using the options in the Administrator Password section (at the top side). Also, don’t forget to save your new password by clicking on Save button.
  7. If you want to setup port-forwarding rules then click on Firewall link that is located on the left side and then tap on Virtual Servers.

Fix Can't Login to Arris Modem -

If you cannot access your Arris router settings page, chances are someone has tampered with your admin settings. Follow the instructions to get back access to your Arris router.

1. Reset your router to wipe out any changes made to it without your knowledge. Press the reset button at the back for 30 seconds. All your router settings will be restored to default.

2. Connect your router to your PC, using a wired ethernet connection or you can also connect to it via wifi.

3. Open your web browser on your PC, and type in your local IP address in the URL field. In case you do not know the IP address follow this link -  Find Out Default IP Address Of Router.

4. You will be redirected to the login page of your Arris router since the router has been reset, you have to use the default username and password for your router model. Enter them in their respective fields and login.

5. Now, you can access all your router settings and change it as per your preference.

Why Can't I Connect to My Arris Router Settings Page

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