Why My Laptop Does Not Detecting Wi-Fi From ARRIS Router

Hello, my Acer laptop can detect my neighbor's Wi-Fi but can't detect my Wi-Fi which I connected today. My router is Arris, it works perfectly in PC and in my iPhone but my laptop won't even detect the wireless network. This issue is too much frustrating as I am unable to use internet on my laptop. Any help gratefully appreciated!!

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Laptop Not Detecting WiFi From ARRIS Router:

The problem of laptops not detecting Wifi is pretty common and may occur due to a number of reasons. The problem could be with your Arris Router or maybe the laptop.

I will discuss a few troubleshooting techniques to solve the laptop not detecting wifi issue. So follow these instructions very carefully:

Check All Your Wired Connection: This is the basic step where people tend to ignore small things and end up with a problem.

So, check whether your Arris Router is getting a continuous power supply or not; whether the LED lights on the router is stable or not; the ethernet cable you are using should be in good connection.

Install Wifi Drivers: Sometimes when you update your laptop OS or for some other reason the Wifi drivers might get lost.

So, go to “Device Manager” and under the “Wireless Connection” see whether the wireless drivers are installed. If not go to your vendor’s website and download it.

Change Firewall Settings: Strict firewall settings often can lead to “Laptop not detecting Wifi”, So adjust your firewall settings.

Update Firmware: Firmware contains encoded messages for your router to work perfectly. With new updates, all the glitches and problems you might be facing is taken care of. So update your router’s firmware to the latest version from your vendor’s website.

Reset Your Router: Resetting your router to the factory settings wipe out all the changes made to your router, this ensures that the issue you might be facing due to a faulty setting will be removed and your Arris Router will be reset to the factory setting.

Reset Your Internet Card: This is recommended when nothing above works, there is an ethernet card in your laptop responsible for internet access which gets loose due to some reason and you can’t access Wifi because of that, so open your laptop and reset the internet card.

Hopefully, the above-given troubleshooting techniques helped you in removing the Laptop not detecting Wifi issue. In case you have a query, kindly revert back and I will be glad to help.

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