How to Update Firmware on Xfinity Arris Router

Hello, Please tell me about how to update firmware on Xfinity Arris router. I am facing problem in update firmware of Xfinity Arris router.

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Xfinity Router Firmware Update :

Are you one among those using Xfinity routers? If yes, then your device is highly vulnerable to threats and dangers. Arris being a global leading telecom brand has come up with numerous wireless routers and modems.

While some use as a personal Arris router and others use rented router with their prominent ISP(Internet Service Provider). Therefore it becomes crucially important to harden and secure these hardware devices. This blog post provides you with the complete procedure on how to update firmware on Xfinity router.

The router forms the heart component of your home Wi-Fi network which calls up an important factor to secure it against bad guys. Intruders or hackers utilize the flaws in commercial networking equipment like routers and switches in order to gain access to these sensitive systems.

While the alert doesn't necessarily apply to users running a home router network but business networks are surely the juicy targets for evildoers as it doesn't take much time to break the router security.

Why is This Important to Update Firmware on Xfinity Router?

Firmware is the built-in software that controls and implements the functionality of a router. So it becomes utmost importance to check for firmware updates in regular intervals.

Quick Steps: How to Update Firmware on Xfinity Arris Router

It is hard to fix the upgrade recommendations for Arris routers as it might release the firmware anytime. While some users may be able to simply access the administration console over SSL, and some not. Accessing the administration console over HTTPS would not alone safeguard against insufficient session expiration. Irrespective of the type and source of usage, the users must follow some security guidelines while using the Arris Router for their home or business.

Below Listed are the Simple Steps that You should Bring into Action for Update Xfinity Router Firmware.

Step 1 : Firstly, identify the firmware version that you are currently using on your Arris router. For completing this step, you have to type in the URL section and then log into your Arris router.

Step 2 : Once you have logged in, you can now determine the firmware version of the Arris router.

Step 3 : Following that head in the download section, download the most recent version of the firmware update.

Before downloading any firmware upgrade, make sure that it is should be compatible with the Arris router model you use.

Step 4 : Come back to the web interface and go to the admin page of your router. Now here you can get an understanding on update firmware on xfinity Arris router.

Step 5 : Now, as an authorized person you can select an image you wish to upgrade under the edit option of the admin panel.

Once you have completed all the upgrade steps in the mentioned order, wait for sometime while the update process gets completed.

Step 6 : Following this, your Arris router will start rebooting and then you have to again login to the web console of your router.

Step 7 : Lastly, confirm the changes you have made in the version number of your Arris router device.

Hope you find the above-mentioned steps are a perfect way to upgrade firmware on Arris router.

Alternate Method: How to Update Firmware on Xfinity Arris Router

Step 1: Open any internet browser of your choice that has been installed on your system and visit the main website of Arris router.

Step 2: Now Go to home page of admin console and select the ‘More’ option listed here. A separate window will open as soon as you click that option. Then, you will be guided to a separate window. Here, you can explore various options that are compatible with different kinds of the router.

Step 3: Now, click on the option of ‘Driver and Xfinity Firmware Update’. Then, select routers. A list of models will be displayed on the screen. Now, choose the device’s model number for your Arris router.

Step 4: Remember to select the most upgraded and device compatible version of Firmware from the multiple firmware updates listed on the page. Quickly, download and install it.

Step 5: Now, for implementation, the firmware update on Arris router, reboot the computer system as well as the router. Finally, the firmware of your Xfinity Arris router will be installed and upgraded successfully.

Apart from updating the router firmware, it is also recommended that you must change the default login and password for your device. Additionally, you can add some tweaks to the router settings to harden its security. This involves turning ON the WPA2 encryption layer for your device.

So, these were the two different methods to download and update firmware on Xfinity router. Hopefully, these methods will help you to update firmware on xfinity Arris router in the right way. Don't take time to upgrade to a non-vulnerable firmware and quickly improve the security of Xfinity Arris Router.

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