Why is My Arris Router Showing WPS Error While Connecting to Printer?

Recently I purchased new Arris router model number# DG1670A. I can't get the printer to connect. I tried WPS push button many times and every time it says WPS Error. When I print the network test page it shows that Fail for Network Name (SSID) Found. I have tried everything but there is no change. Please help me.

Arris WPS Button Not Working:

For connecting Arris Router to printer, just follow these steps:-

  • Make sure your printer is installed on your computer. Connect the printer to your computer via USB cable and allow it to install its software.
  • Turn on your printer and make sure your printer is connected to a power source.
  •  Activate the touch screen if necessary. If there is no touchscreen on your printer then you have to connect the printer to your wireless network using the software setup process.
  • Select Setup option. The important thing is this option's location and appearance will vary depending on your printer model. In other words, you may have to scroll down or to the right in order to find the Setup option or you may have the option to select Wireless as well. If so, tap Wireless instead.
  • Now choose Network> Wireless Network Wizard. This will prompt the printer to begin searching for wireless networks.
  • Choose your network name. This should be the name that you assigned to your wireless network when you created it. If you didn't set a network name when you set up your wireless network, you'll likely see a combination of your router's model number i.e., (Arris router model number# DG1670A). If you didn’t find your network name, just scroll down and choose the field. Also, enter your network's name.
  • Enter your network's password to log onto your wireless network.
  • Next, press and hold router’s WPS button for three seconds.

  • Choose Done option. This will save your credentials. Now your printer will begin attempting to connect to the wireless network.
  • Select OK when prompted. Now you are able to print over your wireless network.

If you need any technical help, call at Arris Router Technical Support Number and sort out all tech-hassles.

Why is My Arris Router Showing WPS Error While Connecting to Printer

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