How Can I Block Keywords on Arris Router Modem

Recently my family got an Arris router modem TG862. I've been trying to block various adult websites. So far the router successfully blocks all domain names I throw at it, but it does absolutely nothing to block specific keywords. I keep adding words but still no luck... Is there anyway to fix this?

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To block keywords on Arris Router you need to follow certain steps that is Open DNS to block specific keywords and websites on your router and for that you need to sign up at

Then open Arris router configuration page typing IP address and login through the login credentials. Now you have entered the Arris Router Wizard and disabled ‘Automatic DNS’ so that you can enter into your DNS server. Here, you will find two DNS server fields.

Finally save all the settings and reboot the DNS settings. Next you need to open web content filtering section and can check the type of blocked websites, network or keywords. Choose the level of filter i.e. high, moderate, low, etc.

And the websites you want to block, choose always block and after making all the changes flush the DNS cache. Finally test your settings by accessing the newly added keywords.

To block keywords on Arris router modem, you need to check all steps that are described below-

1. You should use OpenDNS to block specific keywords, websites on your router. Firstly, you need to sign up at “”.

2. After this, you need to open Arris router’s configuration page by typing “” in the address bar. Log into Arris router by entering login credentials.

3. After logging into Arris router wizard, locate the “Internet” section. Normally it will find in Basic Setup section.

4. Now, you have to disable “Automatic DNS” so that you can enter into your DNS server.

5. Here, you will see two DNS server fields. Just enter these details into DNS server fields -



6. At last, save the settings and allow your Arris router modem to reboot so that new DNS settings will get saved. Now, you have to wait for few moments because this process will take some time to get complete.

7. Now, navigate to “” and login to your account. After login, you are redirected to OpenDNS dashboard.

8. Navigate to the Settings tab and type your home network IP address.v

Well, your IP address is found at the top of the dashboard page. Now, you need to enter this address into “Add a network field”. By doing this, you can check your traffic and block unwanted websites and keywords.

Also, you need to confirm your network through an email message that is sent to that account which you used to signup.

9. Next, you have to open “web content filtering” section. Here, you can check which type of content, website or keywords are blocked on your network.

10. In the next step, you have to choose a filtering level. Select an option from the displaying ones i.e., High, Moderate, Low, None, Custom.

11. You have to add particular websites to the Manage Individual Domains list. Here, you can add numbers of websites as per your wish. Just note one thing i.e., set all websites as “Always block”.

12. After making the changes, you have to flush DNS cache.

If you are using Windows OS, press Windows + R keys at the same time. This will open Run. At Run screen, type “ipconfig/flushdns” and press Enter.

13. At last, test your settings by accessing the newly add keywords. If keywords and websites are added properly then you can reach Open DNS blocked site page.

If you have any confusion then ask for support by calling on Arris Router Technical Support Number.

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