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Should I Change My Arris Router for Extended Coverage?

I live in a 2 storey house and have a separate modem and a wireless router (Arris DG1670 router). The wireless reception doesn't reach a couple of the upstairs rooms consistently (to the Playstation is) and which creates an issue the in network connection. To improve this would I need a new modem or a new router or both? Does anyone have any recommendations for this?

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Change Arris Router for Extended Coverage:

There is no need to change Arris router for extended coverage. Just look at these points and get good signal strength -

1.Look for Interference – To track down the source of interference, buy a wireless network analyzer. Make sure cordless phone, baby monitors, TV remote controls are not placed near your Arris router.

2.Change Your Signal Channel – Although Arris routers broadcast on a series of channels, between one and eleven. You can change to a channel that will allow your router a clear signal between other wireless networks.

3. Change Your Router's Network Broadcast Mode- Use 802.11n standard if your Arris router supports it. Because 802.11n standard offers far greater range and signal strength.

4. Reposition Your Arris Router - Place your Arris router near the center of your house or apartment for wider coverage. Also, move away from any metal including metal shelving, filing cabinets and similar common objects.

5. Install a Repeater - A repeater is a piece of hardware that acts as a wireless network expander. The repeater takes the signal from your Arris router and boosts it to increase the range, so install it.

6. Install a Wireless Amplifier - Wireless amplifier that is also known as a booster, helps you to broaden the coverage area of the Arris router. After installing a booster, you will see a great change in signal strength and range.

If you still having any issue with the Arris router then call at Arris Router TEAM.

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