How to Reset an Arris Modem

Hello, Please let me know that how to Reset an Arris Modem. I am facing some issue in this. Help me.
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There are different ways you can reset your Arris modem, such as power cycling the router, performing a factory reset, pressing the reset button, and troubleshooting the hardware. Like any other modem, the Arris modem also needs an occasional reset. It solves a lot of errors and connectivity issues.

The reset improves the network performance and enhances security. If you choose to factory reset the modem, then your current settings will be erased, and you will have to set up the modem again because the modem will go back to its factory default settings.

Ways to Reset an Arris Modem:

1. Power Cycle Reset

The first way to reset an Arris modem is through a power cycle. In this, you have to simply unplug the modem from power along with unplugging the Ethernet cable as a measure of precaution. Wait for the next 2-3 minutes to drain all of the power from the modem. Now, plug in the power cord and Ethernet cable back into the designated ports and wait for another minute. 

Let the modem to reboot and connect to the network. The lights on the modem hardware indicates you about the power and internet whenever the modem is active. Now, you have to test your internet network on a home computer to check whether all things are working properly. 

Still, if the modem is not working then locate the recessed pinhole at the back side of the modem. Using the paperclip, press the button for a second and then release. This is a second reset cycle that restores the modem operations.

2. Factory Reset an Arris Modem

In order to reset an Arris modem to its default factory settings, you have to find the same pinhole on the back of your modem. With the paperclip, press and hold the button inside the hole for about full ten seconds this time. 

This subsequently runs a full factory reset for the modem. After completing the factory reset, you can setup the network again or setup the modem on a new network. This action will erase the current network settings for a fresh operation.

3. Troubleshoot Hardware

If all of these above options fail to reset an Arris modem and restore the modem to normal operations, you are still left with an option. There's an indication to a hardware issue or a disconnect related to the power source or internet connection. So, start by checking your power supply and Ethernet cord for damaged/loose connection. 

Insert the cable into a dedicated wall outlet in order to ensure a reliable power supply. Now, replace the Ethernet cord if required. Even if the connections are operating normally, the router might have an internal hardware failure. In such case, you can check for a product warranty or repair policy to fix/replace the modem. 
If no options are valid then purchase a new modem, fixed or replaced. If neither are valid options, you may require a new modem purchase.

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