How Do I Enable Upnp on My Arris Router Model TG1682G

Hello Folks, I recently bought an Arris router TG1682G for my house. When I sat down to configure my new router with my iiNet modem connection, there was an issue. I was using the internet to help me setup this machine and it said something about UPnP configuration which I was unable to find or configure. Can anyone here tell me from where to change the settings of UPnP?

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Enable upnp Arris Router :

For Enabling UPNP (Universal Plug and Play) In Arris Router/Modem. First, we just need to access Router Page of the Router i.e. also known as Default Gateway.

How to know what is default Gateway of any network

  • Open RUN (Press Windows Key Along With R)
  • In Run dialog box, Type “Cmd” and Press Enter.

  • Then CMD (Command Prompt) will appear.
  • In Command Prompt Type “ipconfig” and hit Enter key.

  • Then you will find out Default Gateway.


Now open the web browser and type the default gateway IP address in search engine and click on enter.

  • Then type the username and password
    (Default ''Username – admin” , “Password – password”)

Note: -Basically in arris Router/modem they have two types of setting to enable UPNP.

  1.   Advanced > Device Discovery 
  • Check the Enabled button for the UPNP
  • Now, Click on save and restart the router.

2.   IN Wireless MENU

  • Open menu and click on the LAN Setup.

  • In the Lan setup check the enable upnp arris router option.
  • Now, Click Apply Button and Restart the Router.
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Answer - 2

Follow these Steps to Enable UPnP Arris Router -

  1. Open your favorite web browser and then type Arris router’s IP address i.e., “” in the address bar. Hit Enter.
  2. At Arris router login screen, enter default login credentials in the username and password field box. Hit Login.
  3. Now, you are redirected to Arris router configuration screen where you have to click on Tools option. After this, click on Misc. that is located on the left side.
  4. Then move to UPnP settings section and click on radio box that is next to “Enable UPnP Arris Router”.
  5. Once you made these changes, click on Apply button and save the settings.
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