How to Configure Arris Router

Hello everyone! I have recently installed Ooma Telo Device and it is working awesome. In order to get Ooma Telo to work, I had to turn off the firewall in my Arris Surfboard SB6700-AC Cable Modem. Actually, I need some help how to configure Arris router so that Ooma Telo will work and also the firewall will remain active. Is there exist the problem with my Arris router, please suggest me how can I configure my device without facing any nuisances.

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Arris Router Login:

Arris router provides us the ability to connect to the internet through cable connection but you need to subscribe to the internet through the local cable provider.

Initial setup of Arris Modem:

  1. Take a coaxial cable and insert into “Cable in” port that is located on the side wall.
  2. After this, you have to insert another end of the coaxial cable into the back of Arris router.
  3. Take a Cat 5 ethernet cable and insert into Arris router’s “Out” port. Then insert another end of the ethernet cable into “WAN ” port of your PC/laptop.
  4. Power on Arris router and PC/laptop. When both devices are powered on, the green light will display.

Arris Setup

  • Check the bottom side of your Arris router, you will find out the IP address. Note down this IP address as this is the configuration IP address of your Arris router.
  • Now open the internet browser and type that proper IP address in the address bar, hit Enter to access Arris router login page.

  • Once the Arris router configuration page loads, you have to enter login credentials I.e, username, and password. (enter admin in both fields)
  • If you want to modify Arris router password then navigate to “New Password” section under the default settings.
  • If you are using the modem in conjunction with cable internet connection then you have to place checkmarks next to the boxes.
  • Click on Save button when your Arris router is completely configured.
  • Close internet browser and relaunch it after some time.
  • Now, access the internet with your Arris router and browse to the web in a hassle-free way.


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Configure Arris Router Login by Using this Procedure -

  1. If you have not setup Arris router till yet then take an ethernet cable for connecting Arris router to your computer. You have to plug one end of the ethernet cable into computer’s ethernet port and another end into Arris router’s ethernet port.
  2. To get into Arris router configuration interface, you have to enter “” IP address in the browser’s address bar. Press Enter and you are redirected to Arris router’s status page.
  3. On the Arris router status page, move to the top side and click on Login button.
  4. Then move to Password box and type your Arris router’s password. If you have not set any custom password then there is no problem to leave the password field-box empty.
  5. Now, navigate to router’s configuration screen by clicking on the links that are located on the left side and set up your Arris router to get Ooma Telo to work.
  6. Click on Wireless Setup link and configure your Arris router’s network. After this, click on “Channel & SSID ” link to name your router’s wireless network. Also, set a passphrase for your wireless network by clicking on Security link.
  7. If you want to set up a custom password then click on Utilities> System Settings and then use the options in the Administrator Password section. After this, save your Arris router’s new password by clicking on Save button.
  8. If you want to setup port forwarding rules then click on Firewall > Virtual Servers. Now your Arris router is completely configured and also Ooma Telo will work without any problem.
  9. Lastly, close internet browser and relaunch it. Once browser relaunch, you can browse to the web without facing any kind of nuisance.


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