What is the default ip address of the arris router?

What is the IP address of the Arris Router and how to we access the Arris Router for the first time while configuring it?


Are you talking about a home router are a big router. If you are running using computer that is connected to the router right now you can log into it. Alternatively, documentation should provide the default gateway for the router.

1) Goto Start/Run
2) Type in "cmd"

1) Click the Start button
2) Type in "command"

Once you are in the command prompt:
1) Type in "ipconfig"
2) In your Internet browser type in "https://" followed by your default gateway (found in the command prompt)
***Example: (try clicking the link)
3) Login (search online for login info) Usually admin, password

If it is a big router (you will know what I mean), you will half to go through the console port to enter the configuration mode.

What is the default ip address of the arris router?

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