How to Connect TP Link Router to Another Router?

Hello, I want to connect my TP Link router to another router. Please give me idea that how to connect tp link router to another router system.

Connect TP Link Router to Another Router:

If you wish to add more devices or computer systems at your house or you are in a requirement of small business network and you are not available with any of the ports. Then, in such a case you must try adding another router. In order to improve the signal of the wireless network, you must place it in the Wi-Fi blackout areas.

These are some of the steps that one needs to follow to add another router to your small business network or house. Here is how you can connect TP Link router to another router.

Get All the Equipment-

  • Let’s consider that your TP-Link router is the router that is already connected to the internet and let the other router be router 2.
  • You are also going to need a computer system to configure your router. You can connect the computer and the router using the ethernet wire.
  • Also, you must keep in mind the username and password of every router. You are going to need this information to connect both routers to the wireless network.
  • If you are planning on linking your computer systems as well as your smartphone to the wireless network, then you are going to need an ethernet wire for connecting every device.
  • First of all, to connect the TP-Link router to another router, you will need it to connect both routers. If you want to connect two more computers to the network, then you need to have additional ethernet wires.
  • Please ensure that there sufficient number of power outlets to connect both the routers as well as the additional devices. Now, in order to connect TP Link router to another router, you need to disconnect both routers from the power source.

Setup Your TP-Link Router-

  • Take an ethernet wire and connect it to the WAN port of your TP-Link router and to the internet port of the modem.
  • Now to connect TP-Link router to another router, in the next step you are required to connect the ethernet wire to the LAN port of your computer system. You can also follow the router’s instructions to perform this step.
  • Turn on your router as well as the modem. Wait for some time to get started.
  • Now, in the next step to connect TP-Link router to another router, launch your internet browser and link it to the admin interface of your TP-Link router.
  • The web address that you are going to enter into the URL section is the IP address of your TP-Link router.

  • In the next step, enter the login credentials of the TP-Link router. The username and password can be found on the TP-Link router.
  • In case, you do not find any login credentials printed on your TP-Link router, then you can search for the credentials on the Google.
  • In case, you have entered the correct password but you are not able to connect. Go back to the default settings of the router by resetting it. You can do so by inserting a paperclip in the reset port.
  • Please make sure that the DHCP is enabled on the TP-Link routerYou can easily find these settings by going to the LAN settings or network settings.
  • By default, the server is always turned on.

  • In order to check the network connection, enter any web address in your address bar. You can also do the router’s physical network configuration.
  • Now to connect TP-Link router to another router, take out the ethernet router connecting your computer system and TP-Link router. There is no need to disconnect any other wire.

Setup Second Router-

  • First of all, connect the second router and then turn it on. Now, every device on the network can access every other device.
  • To connect TP Link router to another router, take the ethernet wire and connect one end to the computer system and the other end to the second router.
  • In the next step, open the web browser and enter the IP address of the second router. Now, enter the username and password of the second router.
  • Disable the DHCP by going to the settings of the second router as you are already using the DHCP of your first router.
  • There is a chance that both routers have the same IP address, So, you need to change the address of the second router. Go to the admin website of the router that says local network. You will find a box containing the present IP address.
  • Enter a new IP address by replacing the current one. To connect TP Link router to another router, the address must be on the same subnet as your TP-Link router.
  • For example if the IP address of the first router is Then, the address of the other must be something like As your computer is the only device connected to the network, the chances of IP address conflict are minimal.
  • In case the second router is not a wireless router. Then, it is alright as you can assign the passkey and SSID as the TP-Link router that is the first router.
  • You can obtain these settings by going to the wireless menu.
  • In case you do not remember the password and SSID, then you can take a look at the device as it is printed on it.

Bringing the Network Online-

  • Disconnect the second router from the power source in the first step to connect TP Link router to another router.
  • Now, use an ethernet wire to connect both the routers. Please ensure that the wire is not connected to the WAN port.
  • After that, turn the second router on once again. Your router will go online if you have an access to the internet.
  • Now, reboot the computer system that is connected to the router number two.
  • After that, you can link the devices and computer systems to the wireless network. You can also connect them using ethernet wires. DHCP server
  • will assign the IP address to both the routers within one subnet. Now, you can use an extended network.

So, these are some of the stages that you have to go through in order to connect TP Link router to another router.

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How to Connect TP Link Router to Another Router

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