How to Use Router as a Bridge?

Mainly people are using more than two router networks which act as a bridge where Clients Bridge is to link with computers. If steps are explaining to you is incomplete then router users can visit our router forums.

However a router bridge is made up of more than one single networks providing signals from different floors offices areas buildings allowing the seamless flow of internet connections. Usually there networks are almost physically separated. Normally this task can be done simultaneously you must need to install another router to acting as a bridge only.

Here we Discuss About to Use Your Router as a Bridge:-

1. Using an Ethernet Cable connect your router to the computer device. Then plug your Ethernet cable only which is labelled as LAN ports.

2. Just follow these instructions to login the router configuring applications. Therefore it can be done by typing IP address into the address bar field in your favourite web browser. Your router's IP address is like or as Then next step is to type username as well as password of the router. If all details are mentioned correctly then this appears the main page of router configuration and opens the router's window page. This allows users able to customize and to operate router.

3. Then locate that page in which this allows you to set the IP address of the router. This should be set something as the default address and also it is not the same as any other device or any other network.

4. You must need to look for DHCP or DNS servers which is made for routers. These two servers wants to disabled because the main router on the network will make charge especially for assigning and for translating router's network address.

5. Now disables all the accessible controls and the firewall is acting or is used as a bridge. Usually these routers are performed by the main router.

6. In the section of port forwarding of the router remove entries. Although these router applications are designed especially for certain applications that provides an easiest way to access via the internet.

7. After completing all these settings save it and then reboot your router device by which changes can take some effect. Hope these above steps will make you easy to use any type of routers.