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Unable to Share Connection With Buffalo Airstation?

I just moved into a student apartment which has internet included. There is an RJ45 jack on the wall I am I able to use internet normally when using an Ethernet cable. However, I can't share the connection wirelessly. I have a Buffalo ADSL Modem/router which I would like to use to share the connection. The first time I plugged the cable into one of the 4 LAN slot, I was able to browse wirelessly but after a few minutes it stopped working and has not worked ever since. Could it be some kind of restriction on their part? Is there any special configuration settings to share my connection in such a way? Note that I don't use any DSL (phone) line here, I only have access to an Ethernet cable. When trying to browse Chrome gives me "Cannot load page because the DNS lookup failed"

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Fix Unable to Share Connection With Buffalo Airstation:

With the help of using DHCP server, customer needs to configure a Buffalo Air Station that should can be obtained an IP address as immediately. The buffalo’s router default IP address is and Sub net Mask of

Step 1) Firstly power down the cable and its DSL modem included a PC device that you’re used to configured the buffalo Air Station router.

Step 2) Then plug the buffalo router cable or a DSL modem’s Ethernet cable and insert it, into a buffalo Air Station WAN port. Initially a user wants to unplug its cable from a PC device, a hub or any other router device.

Step 3) While to do so, plug the available Ethernet cable into the given four ports of a LAN of a buffalo Air Station and then plug its other end to the PC’s Ethernet adaptor that is named as (NIC).

Step 4) An Important Thing: Now turn ON and as power on everything. Now power on your cable or a DSL modem and then wait a minute, again switch ON your buffalo Air Station and then user have to be wait for at least one minute. At last start your PC device that has requires need to configure a buffalo Air Station.

Thus, the process of sharing connection with Buffalo Air Station is now completed. We hopefully think that your error may be remove and a customer can able to share internet connection with using buffalo air station.

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Fix Unable to Share Connection With Buffalo Airstation:

A buffalo air station is a type of a router device that helps to connect and share data info from one router to the other router. Below we have described how to share connections with Buffalo Air Station and do as we our technicians will provide best assistance to connect and share your data with multiple devices.

Basically if you want to share a data with the help of Buffalo Air Station then users need to use a wired internet connection to a computer device. Remember when you connected to an internet connection through a router device then, a buffalo router user can switch to a wireless connection only if it desired.

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