My Buffalo Airstation Won't Connect to the Internet!

I have a Buffalo wireless router running DD-WRT. My router was working fine but suddenly today I can't access the internet through it. There exists no internet connection either it is connected via wireless or LAN port. I have also reset my Buffalo AirStation but still the situation is same. Any ideas?

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Buffalo AirStation Router Troubleshooting -

Hey as per your query Buffalo AirStation router stopped working suddenly and you do not know the reason why. The reason for this could be of various types so I will focus on some basic troubleshooting techniques to resolve the Buffalo router not connecting to internet issues. Feel free to reach back if the issue does not get resolved by following these Buffalo AirStation router troubleshooting techniques.

1. Check your internet connection: Chances for your router to not able to connect to the internet could be because of a faulty connection too. So make sure the internet cable or the connecting cables to your router are not damaged in any way.

Now connect your Buffalo internet router to the computer directly using an ethernet cable. One end of the cable goes into one of the LAN ports of your router while the other end goes into the ethernet port of your computer.

The ADSL cable from your ISP goes into the WAN port of your router. Once the connection is done try opening a website in your browser. If you are not getting the internet connection then call your ISP as there is something wrong from their side.

2. Update your Buffalo router drivers: The drivers are software programs fed into your router to control the hardware. These drivers tend to get corrupted or outdated so it is necessary to update it from time-to-time to maintain smooth working of your router.

Go to your vendor's website, search for your router by model number then look in the download section of your router. Here you will find all the updated drivers. Download each of them and then install it one-by-one and see if the issue is resolved.

3. Reset and Configure: If these methods do not resolve your issue, Reset Buffalo router which you said you have already done. So reconfigure it from scratch. Connect your router to the computer as mentioned in step 1 and open your web browser and type in your IP address in the box.

This will redirect you to the router settings page. Here you can simply click on the Configure my router from the given options and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.

Hopefully, these steps helped you in getting the connection back, in case it did not help you get to a solution, kindly revert back with specific information as what caused the sudden disconnection and I will be able to provide a more specific solution.


Buffalo AirStation Router Troubleshooting

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