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How to set up buffalo whr-hp-g54 router as wireless access point?

I have an existing wireless network in my house, and I'm trying to find a way to allow an Xbox 360 to access it. I bought a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 to access the existing network so I could just hook up an ethernet cable from it to the 360, but I'm having difficulties setting it up. Please provide me suggestions to fix this issue. Thanks!



If you have existing wireless network then still you can set your Buffalo router as a wireless access point, just follow these steps that are mentioned below.

Set Buffalo router as Wireless Access Point -

1.First of all, you have to connect AirStation to your existing wireless network as an extender. By doing this, AirStation can easily maintain SSID and Security Settings and other wireless devices can establish a connection.

2.After this, you have to set the mode switch to “WB”. Well! You can easily find mode switch on Airstation as it is normally present at bottom or backside.

3.Now power on computer and AirStation. Then take an ethernet cable for connecting your computer to Airstation.

4.After this, you have to move the Airstation to your existing wireless network.

5.Now open Google Chrome and enter the IP address of AirStation in the URL field box. Although you can also use AirStation Configuration tool to find IP address of AirStation.

6.Now just login into settings by entering username and password.

Default username- admin

Default password- password

7.Now go to Advanced Settings and then click on Wireless that is displaying in the left pane.

8.Next, tap on Wireless Bridge subtab. Now access point is connected and you can display all settings on the screen.

8. By using Manual Connection page, you can also choose access point. From the list of detected wireless access points, just choose your access point.

9. After this , set the wireless authentication to “WPA2-PSK” and wireless encryption to “AES”.

10. Now click on the Wireless tab and configure security settings.

11. After finishing above steps, just log out and close the Google Chrome. Now you can easily connect Xbox 360 and other devices to your router.

If you have any query then call on Buffalo Router Technical Support Number and get prompt guidance.



To set up Buffalo whr-hp-g54 router as wireless access point, just look at these points -

1. Firstly connect the ethernet cable from your jack to the rightmost ethernet port on the back of the Buffalo router. This is the blue WAN port labeled "Internet". Next, use another ethernet cable to connect your computer to the router, using any of the 4 remaining open ethernet ports on the back. Finally, plug the AC adapter into the power port on the router and plug it into the wall.

2. When Buffalo router is powered on, the power light will come on and status lights will flash. When the light labeled "Router" has come on, this means your router has been initialized and is connected to the network.

3.Now open a web browser window and enter in the URL field and press enter. To access your router settings, enter a username and password. Enter "root" as the username and leave the password field blank, then click OK.

4. On Buffalo router configuration page, click on the Admin Config button. Enter a name for your AirStation and click Apply. Wait for the Buffalo router to restart with the new setting.

5.Under Admin Config, click on the Password button. The Administrator name is fixed as "root". Next, type Administrator Password in the required field box and tap on Apply. Wait for the Buffalo router to restart.

6.Next click on the Wireless Config button on the top, third from left. Under Wireless Config, click Basic(11g). Make sure the box labeled Enable is checked. For the SSID setting, choose a name for your wireless network. Click Apply.

7.Under Wireless Config, click on the Security(11g) choice. For the Wireless Authentication setting, select WPA/WPA2 mixed mode - PSK. For the WPA-PSK (Pre-Shared Key) field, choose a password that is between 8 and 63 characters and type it. Click Apply.

Your Buffalo wireless router will restart and set up the wireless access point. If you experience any issue then contact Belkin N Wireless Router Support Number.

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