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How to Set up Buffalo Whr-HP-G54 Router as Wireless Access Point?

I want to set up a home network with Belkin router and Buffalo router. For this process, I want that my Belkin router works as a LAN router and Buffalo router as an access point. Is there anybody who can guide me how to set up Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 router as a wireless access point. Thanks.

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Set up Buffalo Whr HP G54 Router as Wireless Access Point | Buffalo Airstation G54

To set Buffalo g54 router as a wireless access point, you need to check these points -

Step 1 : You can easily add AirStation to the network without modifying LAN configuration. For this process, you have to put Airstation in AP mode by moving the switch from AUTO to BRI.

Step 2 : After this, you have to connect AirStation's LAN port to existing router i.e. Belkin router by using an ethernet cable.

Step 3 : In next step, you have to change the IP address of your system.

Step 4 : After this, open your favourite web browser and type “” in the address bar and hit Enter key.

Now, Airstation configuration tool will open on the computer’s screen.

Step 5 : Now, move to LAN configuration and configure these settings -

IP Address –

Subnet mask –

Step 6 : After making these changes, restore your system’s IP address settings to their previous values.

If you need any help then ask for support by approaching Buffalo router team.


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