How To Setup Buffalo Router As Bridge

I'm using a new Buffalo router and wanting to use my old Buffalo router as repeater to extend the WiFi coverage at home, so that signals can reach every corner of my home. My Buffalo router use DD-WRT firmware so it will be easy to configure router as a repeater. Can anyone suggest me the easiest method to setup Buffalo router as a bridge? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

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Follow These Steps to Setup Buffalo AirstAtion Bridge Mode -

Step 1 - First of all, take an Ethernet cable and connect your Buffalo router to the computer through it. While plugging ethernet cable, just note one thing i.e., you have to plug the ethernet cable into the LAN ports instead of WAN ports.

Step 2 - To log into your Buffalo router configuration, you have to follow the instructions that are described in the router’s manual. For this process, just enter your router’s IP address in the address bar and hit Enter button. After this, you have to enter username and password at the Buffalo router login screen.

If you have entered correct details then you are redirected to Buffalo router’s main configuration page. On this page, there will be the assortment of links that will help you to customize router’s settings.

Step 3 - In Buffalo router settings page, locate the IP address section and change its default value to something unique. Make sure that the new IP address dos do not match with other device’s IP address on the network.

Step 4 - Locate the settings for DHCP and DNS servers. You have to disable both servers because your main router will be in charge of assigning IP addresses and also translating IP address.

Step 5 - Now you have to disable all access controls and also router firewall so that you can use your Buffalo router bridge mode.

Step 6 - Move to Port Forwarding section of Buffalo router and then remove all entries that are present there.

These settings are specially designed to allow certain applications easily accessible on specific ports and that things are not needed.

Step 7 - Lastly, save the entire settings and reboot your Buffalo router so that changes that you have made can take effect. After disabling all routing features, your Buffalo router will act as a bridge mode on your network.

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To Setup Buffalo Router Bridge Mode, You Need to Follow These Steps -

If you have an existing wireless network then you can connect your Buffalo router to the network as an extender or repeater.

Extender – Airstation will use its own security settings such as SSID.

Repeater – Airstation will rebroadcast wireless signal and use the access point’s SSID and security settings.

  1. On the Airstation, you have to set the mode as “WB’. The mode switch can be found on the bottom or back side of Airstation.
  2. Now take an ethernet cable and connect your Airstation to computer and then power on both devices.
  3. In the next step, you have to move Airstation near to the existing wireless access point.
  4. Now, launch an internet browser of your choice and type Airstation’s IP address into the address bar. To check your Airstation’s IP address you can also use Airstation configuration tool.
  5. After this, log into Settings by entering login credentials. Just note one thing i.e., default useranme is admin and default password is password.
  6. After logging into settings, tap on Advanced Settings option.
  7. Move to left side and then tap on Wireless tab> Wireless bridge subtab.
  8. If the access point supports WPS then you can use that one for connecting wireless devices to Airstation. Once access point get connected to Airstation, its settings will display on the screen. Then click on Apply button.
  9. Although you can manually add access point by using Mnaual Connection page. For this, choose the access point from the list of detected access points and then set the wireless authentication. If the access point does not display on the screen then click on Refesh button. Now go back to wireless bridge page and then apply the changes.
  10. Now your Airstation will connected as an bridge. If you want to configure Airstation’s SSID then clcik on Wireless option and then on 2.4 GHz subtab.
  11. After making changes, just log out of Buffalo Airstation settings and close the web browser.
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Setup Buffalo Router As Bridge:

If you have an existing wireless network, you can connect the AirStation to the network either as an extender or a repeater. As you told us that your buffalo router uses DD-WRT firmware,

DD-WRT router firmware differentiates itself from default firmware in many ways but its ease to setup proves it to be a great interface. People choose DD-WRT as it is the optimal choice for setting up a Client Bridge and also due to its simplicity, customization possibilities, and the ease of the setup process.

Steps to Setup Buffalo Router as the Bridge

  • Connect your ethernet cable to one end of the AirStation and other ends of the computer and move Airstation near to the existing wireless access point.
  • Launch your internet browser and navigate to an air station IP address. (The AirStation is in Bridge Mode provides the default IP as
  • You will now be prompted to a login screen. Enter the login credentials to be directed to the setup page. (The default credentials will be admin and password for username and password respectively).
  • In the setup page, go to advanced options.
  • On the left side of the setup panel, click on wireless bridge tab under wireless tab.
  • Now, disable the DHCP and DNS servers because your main router will be in charge of assigning IP addresses and also translating IP address.
  • Select the access point from the list of detected access points and then set the wireless authentication.
  • Now go back to wireless bridge panel and then save the changes.
  • Your air station will now be connected to a bridge.
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Buffalo Wireless Bridge

An old Buffalo router can be set as a bridge to broaden the range of your main router and get good connectivity all around the house.

So Follow This Instruction to Set Your Buffalo Router as a Bridge.

1. Connect your Buffalo router to your computer via wired ethernet connection and open your web browser on your computer.

2. Enter your local IP address in the URL field and hit enter to get to the login page. If you do not know your IP address, follow this link To Find The Default IP Address Of Buffalo Router.

3. Enter your username and password in the respective fields and login to your router settings. In case you do not know your username and password, look under the device, it is generally printed there, otherwise, contact your ISP.

4. On the main settings page, click on WAP/Internet settings. On the next window, disable DHCP on your buffalo router as it would receive a signal from the main router. Change the IP address in a rage of your main router and put everything from DNS to bandwidth channel same as your main router. Save the settings.

5. Change the wireless password and device name to that of your main router. Save the settings and now you have successfully configured your buffalo router as a bridge. It will receive signals from your main router and spread it all across for a better range.

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