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How to Setup Tenda AC1200 router?

Hello, Please let me know How to Setup Tenda AC1200 router? I tried many times but unavailable to Setup Tenda AC1200 router. So can anyone have any idea?
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Setup Tenda AC1200 Router With Just Few Steps

If you own a Tenda AC1200 router then you may be facing some challenges. Tenda AC1200 Router can be set with a LAN port, through DHCP, static IP setup, and with PPPoE Mode. All the methods are pretty short and easy to follow with little exploration.

If you want to change the password of the Tenda Router then go to the web browser and type, use the default login password, choose the advanced option, now go to the top of the page, and click on wireless basic settings, select a name for SSID for the router, go to the wireless security and write the desired password and save the settings. Hence the password of your Tenda AC1200 router has been changed. 

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Before knowing the method for the Tenda AC1200 router it is necessary to do a detailed study about the Tenda router. So let's through some light on it.

AboutTenda AC1200 Router

It is one of the amazing wireless routers among many. It can cover large distances with a strong network. The forms available for the Tenda router are 150 Mbps-300Mbps. It has a great capacity for bandwidth.

Best Ways To Setup Tenda AC1200 Router

We have many methods for the Tenda AC1200 router setup lets study them one by one in detail.

Method 1:- Tenda Router Setup With LAN Port

It is one of the most important methods. Step by step guide for this method is as follows.

Step 1) Firstly, take out the router from the packet and then connect the router with the power adapter.

Step 2) Now establish a connection between the ISP and the device's WAN port with the help of an ethernet cable.

Hence the setup is established.

Method 2:- Tenda AC1200 Router Setup Through DHCP

The steps for this method are as follows.

Step 1) Navigate to wireless settings.

Step 2) Choose the DHCP option.

Step 3) Choose the password and save it for future use.

Now you have DHCP on Tenda. The important fact to remember is that ISP manages the DHCP.

Method 3:- Static IP Setup

Below is the step by step guide to Setup Tenda AC1200 router with the help of static IP.

Step 1) Go to the web browser and after in the address bar type and hit enter. This will open a router login page.

Step 2) Now fill in the credentials and in the field of password type “admin” as it is Tenda ac1200 default password to login to Tenda.

Step 3) Navigate to the - internet connection setup. Choose the type of connection for the internet. Click on static IP.

Step 4) Time to fill in details like - “DNS server, IP address, default gateway, subnet mask, alternate DNS”. Hit on the ok button.

Step 5) After doing all this. You will see the status of your internet connection as connected.

You can access the internet through the Tenda network.

Method 4:- Setup Router With PPPoE Mode

Following are the steps for the Tenda AC1200 router setup by PPPoE option:

Step 1) Open your browser and visit Put the credentials and in the box of the password type-admin. Admin is the default password.

Step 2) Now look for the internet setup screen and from there click on the PPPoE option. Fill in the login details provided by ISP and also type the security key. After that hit the ok button.

Step 3) Restart your router

Now you can enjoy the internet connection.

Setup Tenda ac1200 Router Password 

If you wish to change the Tenda ac1200 default password of the Tenda router and set it according to you then follow the below steps.

Step 1) Go to the web browser and visit to

Step 2) Use the Tenda ac1200 default login password “admin” and click on the OK button.

Step 3) Select the “advanced” option.

Step 4) Now, navigate to the top of the page and click on the wireless. After that choose - wireless basic settings.

Step 5) In the appeared screen you will find the “primary SSID” option. Select the name of SSID for the router according to you. Hit on the ok button.

Step 6) In the left side of the current page you will find the wireless security. Select that option. This will take you to another page.

Step 7) In the appeared screen there is a box for security key. In that box write the password of your wish. Now, save the setting by clicking on the OK button.

Hence your password is changed for the Tenda ac1200 router setup.


Above, I have provided you some easy methods to setup Tenda ac1200 router. I hope it proves to be beneficial for you.

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