Why My Tenda Router is Disconnecting from Network?

I have a Tenda wireless router at home with speeds capable of up to 250 MB/s and my service provider promises a speed of 100mb/s. The network and router both were working fine and to its capacity but from past few weeks, I have noticed a sudden drop in connection at night time. Sometimes the connection gets so slow that I can’t even open websites simple home pages. I suspect something is wrong with the connection but the ISP said everything is fine from their side. I do not know what is the main problem? Do I need to change my router to a new one or this could be fixed? Please help!

Tenda Router Keeps Dropping Connection -

If your Tenda router is disconnecting at frequent intervals then please perform these steps -

Check Physical Connection - 

Take a Cat5 ethernet cable for connecting the modem to the Tenda router’s WAN port. After this, take another ethernet cable for connecting your system to Tenda router’s LAN port. After connecting ethernet cables properly, check LED lights if they are blinking or not.

Carefully check sys light, and WLAN light is illumination or not. If none of them are blinking then you have to repeat the procedure.

Login to Tenda Router Management Page –

Open any internet browser and type “” in the address bar. Now you are redirected to a login page where you have to input username and password details. Now, hit Login.

You are redirected to Tenda router home page. You can see “Welcome to Tenda setup wizard” on the webpage, here just tap on Next button. Next, you have to select Internet Connection type. If you don’t know which internet connection type is best for you then please contact ISP.

Check Your Connection Status –

To check connection status, tap on System status, just tap on System status option that is located in the left pane. If the connection status is disconnected then please check Tenda router is properly connected to the modem via ethernet cable. If the connection status is “connecting” then please check this -

Step 1: First, click on Refresh and then check your connection status. If now your connection status is “connected ” and WAN IP is not like then you can enjoy web browsing. But if the condition is opposite or the status is “disconnected” then check the next point.

Step 2: Tap on Advanced Settings and select Mac Address Clone. After this, click on “Clone Mac Address” and then save the settings. Now your Tenda router will automatically reboot. After rebooting, again check your connection status and WAN IP.

Step 3: Check wireless settings – Tap Wireless Settings > Basic Settings. Change the name of Tenda router’s SSID to something unique. In the Channel field, choose “6”.

Step 4: After this, apply the settings by clicking on Apply button. To set the wireless password, tap on Wireless Settings> Security Settings. Move to the Security mode field and choose “WPA-Personal”.

Step 5: In the Passphrase field, type a password and then save the settings.

Connect your System to the Internet Wirelessly -

Find the name of your wireless network and connect to it by entering the correct password.

I hope now your Tenda router will not disconnect randomly and you can enjoy the internet wirelessly. If you have any doubts or queries regarding this then please feel free to ask me by dropping a message, I will feel glad to help you.

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Why My Tenda Router is Disconnecting from Network

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