Arris Modem/Router Dropping/Connectivity Issues

Hello, I have an Arris home router which is wireless in nature. I have been using the router for quite some time and it works fine for the most part. But, from last 2 days I have noticed a sudden drop in connection regularly from 8 pm to 1 am. The router either frequently disconnects in the given time frame or the speed drops too low to be usable. I have reset it and restarted it couple of times but the problems remains the same. Can anyone tell me why this issue has occured? I use a Comcast modem connection.

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Arris Modem Keeps Disconnecting

The Arris router allows the sharing of data information from router to router. There are times when you may come across the problem of your Arris modem disconnection. It can be pretty annoying and frustrating. The issue occurs when there is a conflict in signals or an individual using your network without permission.

Some of the things you can do to fix this issue are checking your wired connection, changing the wifi channel, enhancing or increasing security, and most important thing is to update the firmware/driver regularly. At last, when nothing works, disconnect all the plugs and connect them again after a few seconds. This soft reset will help you fix the problem. 

How to Fix Arris Router Keeps Dropping Connection Issues?

If you’re experiencing in Arris router disconnecting frequent internet connections, then check it whether a user is properly connected or not.

Step-1 To First install the latest version of firewall into a system device. Into an address bar field, type into a web browser URL. Rather more, give a one click on Help tab and then the information which is as on the information that is located at the top of a router page.

Step-2 Second step is to check all internet cables and splitter all its new connections by unplug the modem and Ethernet cables. Unplugged all cables connections and then wait for a few minutes to plug it back.

Step-3 Connect all network connections directly. Ensures that your connections are from a drop down in the main menu and that is directly connected in your home. If signals get weak or disconnecting randomly then check out properly. The exact meaning of cable drop is street into your home, no splitters and extra short cables.

Step-4 If Arris routers disconnecting randomly then check out it’s whether you’ve placed a Wi-Fi near to your device and verify that you’re accessible or not, if yet problems face then ask to activate with your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Step-5 If you’re connecting to an Ethernet cable and it is not working then it might be faulty or lose at somewhere. Make sure that you’ve inserted into a correct port.

Step-6 To verify whether a signal is accessible or not. Then contact your internet service provider that helps to connect directly a Wi-Fi network and an internet network.

If further have an issue related to network connection, whether it is wired or wireless network. First unplug all devices and then plug it back after a few minutes. Hope this will resolve Arris modem dropping connection issue and get to access an internet connection in a speedily way. Then reconnect all devices and check the speed that runs at a high bandwidth.

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  •   February 28, 2024