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Arris Modem/Router Dropping/Connectivity Issues?

Hello, I have an Arris home router which is wireless in nature. I have been using the router for quite some time and it works fine for the most part. But, from last 2 days I have noticed a sudden drop in connection regularly from 8 pm to 1 am. The router either frequently disconnects in the given time frame or the speed drops too low to be usable. I have reset it and restarted it couple of times but the problems remains the same. Can anyone tell me why this issue has occured? I use a Comcast modem connection.

Arris Modem Keeps Disconnecting -

Arris routers are the best in use and provide excellent speed to without any error. Arris routers are fine devices that connect with multiple devices at one time. Such Arris router helps to share data info from one route to another.

There are many reasons that provide Arris Modem/Router dropping/Connectivity Issues randomly and get to resolve it in a professional way. Such internet issues caused due to the place where you place a router device and a signal is too weak or not communicate easily.

Below We Troubleshoot How to Fix Arris Router Keeps Dropping Connection Issues at the Time of a Critical Technical Manner.

If you’re experiencing in Arris router disconnecting frequent internet connections, then check it whether a user is properly connected or not.

Step-1 To First install the latest version of firewall into a system device. Into an address bar field, type into a web browser URL. Rather more, give a one click on Help tab and then the information which is as on the information that is located at the top of a router page.

Step-2 Second step is to check all internet cables and splitter all its new connections by unplug the modem and Ethernet cables. Unplugged all cables connections and then wait for a few minutes to plug it back.

Step-3 Connect all network connections directly. Ensures that your connections are from a drop down in the main menu and that is directly connected in your home. If signals get weak or disconnecting randomly then check out properly. The exact meaning of cable drop is street into your home, no splitters and extra short cables.

Step-4 If Arris routers disconnecting randomly then check out it’s whether you’ve placed a Wi-Fi near to your device and verify that you’re accessible or not, if yet problems face then ask to activate with your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Step-5 If you’re connecting to an Ethernet cable and it is not working then it might be faulty or lose at somewhere. Make sure that you’ve inserted into a correct port.

Step-6 To verify whether a signal is accessible or not. Then contact your internet service provider that helps to connect directly a Wi-Fi network and an internet network.

If further have an issue related to network connection, whether it is wired or wireless network. First unplug all devices and then plug it back after a few minutes. Hope this will resolve Arris modem dropping connection issue and get to access an internet connection in a speedily way. Then reconnect all devices and check the speed that runs at a high bandwidth.

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Arris Router Keeps Dropping Connection -

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Arris Modem Keeps Disconnecting -

A drop in connection or connectivity problem in your Arris router could be a frustrating experience. These Arris modem disconnecting issues occur mainly due to either a conflict of signals or intruder using your network without your permission. We will look into various reasons causing the problem and a subsequent solution for the same.

Kindly follow the instructions below carefully:

1. Check Wired Connection: Make sure all the wires connecting your Arris router are well in working condition and there is no sign of wear or tear. A faulty wire could also be the reason for such a drop in connection. So make sure to check all these wires and replace any of the damage.

2. Change your Wifi Channel: Generally, your router works on a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz which also happens to be the frequency for most of your home appliances. So due to interference in a signal, the drop of connection might occur.

So make sure your home appliances like a TV remote, cordless phone, microwave etc. are not near or around your Arris router. You can also change the router channel from 2.4 GHz to 5.) Ghz for better connectivity and less interference.

3. Enhance Security: If your Arris router is not protected by a strong password then chances are intruders might break into your network and use your data. In order to avoid such a situation, it is recommended to go into your router settings and make your password stronger by making use of uppercase, lowercase, and numerals. You can also make use of MAC address filtering.

4. Update Driver/Firmware: Drivers/Firmware are software programs written into your Arris router to maintain the functionalities of your machine. These Drivers/Firmware are vulnerable to getting corrupt or out-dated, so it is recommended to head to your vendor's official website and download all updated driver and Firmware. Install them on your system and see if that resolves the problem.

Hopefully, these steps helped you out in resolving the connection drop issue with your Arris router. In case you have any further doubts or queries regarding the same, then feel free to reply back.

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Arris Router Keeps Dropping Connection -

The reason for your Arris router to drop connection frequently can happen due to two possible reasons:

  1. Wired connection issue.
  2. Interference from other devices.

Let us see how you can get rid of these Arris router keeps disconnecting problems:

Wired Connection issue

If your Arris router is frequently dropping connections, There may be some chances that one of the wires to your Arris router has been tempered or damaged. So check all your wired connection, The ADSL cable coming from your ISP. If you find anything damaged replace it.

Interference from other devices

One other common reason could be interference in the signal. Most of the home based routers works on bandwidth channel of 2.4 GHz, which also happens to be the frequency of most of your household items like cordless phone, remote, microwave.

So change your bandwidth channel to 5.0Ghz, if your ISP provides services on that bandwidth. Also, make sure these household items are not in close proximity to your router.

Reset Your Router

If the above cases not working out for you to resolve the issue, reset your Arris router to default. This will erase all internal software snag or conflict.

So press the 'Reset' button at the back of your Arris router for 30 seconds and after resetting check whether the problem has been resolved or not of Arris sbg6700-ac drops connection. Don't know How to reset router Get it here.

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Arris Modem/Router Dropping/Connectivity Issues

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