How to Update Firmware of Arris Router?

I have an arris Model Number DG1670A. I would like to know do you need to do a firmware update and if so how do you do the update? I am getting message saying about update.

Follow these steps to load new firmware onto your Arris router -

  • Log into your router-

    Before you start, you have to determine that your Arris router is using which version of firmware. For this, you have to log into your Arris router by entering “” in the address bar.

  • Determine Arris router’s firmware version-

    Look through the Arris router web interface and find out the firmware version.
  • Determine latest Arris router’s firmware version-

    Go to the Download section for your router model and find out the latest firmware version. For Arris routers, just go through this link i.e., “”.
  • Download the latest firmware -

    You need to download the latest firmware version on the system that you are using currently. One important thing i.e., the firmware must match with the Arris router model that you are using.
  • Upload new firmware to your Arris router -

    Go back to Arris router web interface and open the Administrator page. Here, you can also see how to update Arris router firmware. Find out the edit box with a browser button that enables you to choose the firmware image that you want to update. Just choose the firmware and start the process.

  • Wait for a few moments -

    If you have followed above steps correctly then new firmware will load into your Arris router. Please don’t turn off the power until the loading process gets finish.
  • Arris router reboots -

    Now your Arris router will reboot itself. Once rebooting finish, log back into Arris router and confirm that version number gets changed or not.

    Congratulations! You have successfully updated Arris router’s firmware.

Firmware upgrades for Arris modems are available at, but only cable operators can ingress them. The new software fixes bugs that were reported with the old firmware and can also provide improvements in speed. Once your Internet Service Provider has obtained an update, it will be impelled to your hardware when the device is not in operation.

I am not sure this will work but you might try:

  • Call your service provider from a different phone line than the one your modem is connected to, and ask if there is a firmware update available.
  • Ask them to push the update to your modem.
  • The next step would be disconnecting the cable from the modem.
  • You will notice a small button on the back of modem "factory reset".Press it.
  • Now power off modem and power on without connecting cable.
  • If you are done with the previous step ,  try to log into modem at
  • Wait for the modem to restart by itself and the update is complete.

Firmware updates are provided by your manufacturer to fix minor glitches and boost your device. You can update the firmware on your Arris router by following these simple steps.

1. Open your web browser and navigate to the official website of Arris router.

2. On the main page, click on 'More', you will be redirected to a new window. Here you will find separate options for different support for your machine.

3. Click on 'Driver & Firmware Update' > 'Routers'. You will have different router models listed in front of you. Select the model number of your device from the list.

4. All the latest firmware and Drivers will get listed, select the latest firmware update you want to install for your Arris router and download it.

5. Install the downloaded firmware on your computer and then reboot the router and computer. The device will implement the new updates. You have successfully updated the firmware now.

Use a third-party application:

Sometimes your service provider may not provide you with a notification of the available updates. So chances are you might miss these firmware or driver updates from time to time. So for these reasons we recommend the users to use a third-party application. There are many such applications which automatically update all the devices connected to your PC.

How to Update Firmware of Arris Router

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