How to Activate Your xFi Pods from the Xfinity App

Is there anyone who knows about how to activate your xFi Pods from the Xfinity app. I am facing some issues while dooing this. Help me.
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Activate Your xFi Pods from the Xfinity App

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This blog explains how to use the Xfinity app to activate your xFi Pods in step-by-step directions. Before you can set up your xFi Pods, you must first activate your xFi Gateway.

If your Gateway is in Bridge Mode, you won't be able to use xFi or activate Pods. Activation of Pods needs a compatible mobile operating system; for more information, read how to get started and Activate Your xFi Pods from the Xfinity App.

Before you Turn on Your xFi Pods, Make Sure they are turned on

Step 1: On the App Store or Google Play, get the Xfinity app.

Step 2: Consider where you want your Pods to go. Your Pods should be placed in a room midway between your Gateway and an unreachable region.

Step 3: A connection hop should be avoided at all costs (Pods that are connected to the Gateway through another Pod). Pods should be linked to the Gateway for maximum performance.

Step 4: Use the Xfinity app to see if a Pod is linked to the Gateway or to another Pod once you've activated your Pods.

Step 5: Select See Network from the Connect menu, then select the Pod you wish to verify, then select Pod Details.

Steps to get started

To Turn on Your Pods, Follow These Steps

Step 1: Connect the Pod to an electrical outlet.

Step 2: When you click Next, you'll be given suggestions on where to put your Pod.

Step 3: Maintain a six-inch distance between your phone and the Pod. The Pod will now be connected to your gateway via the Xfinity app.

Step 4: Connect the remainder of your Pods in the same way. When you're finished, choose All Pods Ready to Go! The Pods will be shown when they become available.

Step 5: It is suggested that you name the Pods according to their location for easier identification. To do so, choose a Pod and place your phone within 6 inches of it. You'll be asked to type in your name. After that, confirm it.

Establishing Requirements

Your xFi Gateway must not be in Bridge Mode and your home network must have the following parameters enabled in order to activate and utilise your Pods:

Note: If you change the name or password of your WiFi network, some WiFi-enabled devices in your house may require you to input the new name/password before using the device.
A WiFi network that is activated and broadcasting (i.e., your WiFi network cannot be stopped through the Gateway's Admin Tool (

There is just one WiFi network with a single name and password (i.e., you cannot have a separate WiFi network name and password for your 2.4 and 5 GHz radio bands). Both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio bands are still available on your network.

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