How to Configure an AT&T Wireless Router

I have an AT&T Wireless Router which i bought few months back. it was working fine till yesterday but now i think something has changed in the functionality of my router since the speed has gone too slow. i want to be configure the basic settings of my router! if anybody can provide me with the suitable answer, i shall be highly appreciable!

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Configure an AT&T Wireless Router:

If you wish to know how to configure an AT&T wireless router, then this article can help you in understanding that. AT&T is a telecom organisation providing a number of services like cell phone, internet, and telephone services.

A user can upgrade his or her AT&T internet connection, so that they can flexibly use the internet service using a computer system at any place in their house. Wi-Fi network connections only work if you have a router. It is important for you to configure your AT&T router so that you can use it later.

So these are some of the steps that you need to follow in order to know how to setup an AT&T wireless router.

Step 1: Connect the adapter if your router to a power source. Also, link the ethernet cable in any of the LAN ports of the router. An ethernet wire has an appearance similar to that of a telephone wire. However, a telephone wire is thicker in comparison to an ethernet cable.

Step 2: Use an ethernet wire and connect your router’s WAN port the ethernet port of the modem. Check if a green light is turned on on your router to verify the connection.

Step 3: After that, you will have to turn off the internet security software running on your system. As it can block you from getting an access to the configuration pages.

Step 4: In order to configure your browser’s internet settings. Go to the Windows icon of your computer system and click on ut. After that to fix an At&t wireless router, move to settings and then go to control panel.

Navigate to the internet options and double click on them. Click on the restore button for restoring it back to the default settings. The button is located below the security tab.

Step 5: Go to the connection tab and click on it. Go to the dial up option and select never dial a connection. Now, go to the button of LAN settings to make sure that the settings are unchecked. Now, when you will move to the advanced tab, select the button to restore the default settings and click on OK.

Step 6: In the next step to fix an At&t wireless router, launch your internet browser and enter in the address bar. Then, the web management login page will open up in front of you. Enter admin as the username for logging into the configuration.

Don’t type anything in the password section. Complete the procedure to install an At&t wireless router. For this, you will have to open up the router instructions, which came together with the information of your wireless account. Prompts will appear on the screen and they will direct you through the last steps.

So, these are some of the steps that you need to follow to configure an AT&T wireless router. If you still face any problems in configuring the router, then contact the router technical support team.

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  •   October 11, 2022