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How to Configure My TP- LINK Range Extender on MAC?

Is there anyone who knows about how to configure my TP-LINK range extender on MAC. I am facing some issues while using it. Help me.
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Configure TP-LINK Range Extender on MAC:

No matter where you are looking for a strong network, a single router cannot meet your needs. To get a good speed internet along with a better range, you definitely should invest in a range extender. You can get range extenders for any kind of network.

Once it is set up you can enjoy good speed and a longer and a wider range. And since there are many wifi range extenders available in the market, you can look out for the one that best suits your needs and space. 

So after getting the TP-Link Range extender, I was skeptical about setting it up and went forward with the following method to configure my TP- LINK Range Extender on MAC.

You can Follow the Method and Set up Your Range Extender on Your Own.

Step 1: Before setting up my wifi range extender, I kept some important details handy. You can also make a note of LAN ID, SSID, Encryption Type, and Passphrase. 

Step 2: To configure my TP-LINK Range Extender on MAC, I assigned a static IP address to my MAC. 

  • Firstly, I connected my MAC to the Range Extender through an ethernet cable. Since the DHCP is disabled by default, I set up the Static IP Address manually. 
  • To manually set up the IP address, click on Apple Menu and select System Preferences. 
  • A screen will appear with various options. Click on Network under the Internet and Wireless section.
  • The section that appears will ask for a few IDs and data that you should have with you beforehand. 
  • Select the Ethernet Option and select Manually and put in the IP address as After adding the IP address, add the Subnet mask as and click on Apply to save changes. 

Now that the Static IP Address is set, to configure my TP- LINK Range Extender on MAC I followed a few steps more. 

Step 3: Open Safari and type in to login to the Range Extender’s Management Page. The password and admin name is the default as available on your router’s label. 

Step 4: Press the Login button and click on NetworkFill in the details as asked and Save

Step 5: Logon to the Range Extender’s managing page by reconfiguring the MAC computer’s address.

Step 6: Further under the Wireless section select the Range extender as Operation Mode and then click on the Search button. 

Step 7: After the above steps, select the SSID of your router and connect. 

Step 8: Now go to the wireless setting under the wireless security page

Step 9: Here on this page select the version as WPA-PSK/WPA-PSK2 and the encryption as AES. Put testtplink as the PSK Password. 

Step 10: Finally under the System Tools click on Reboot and after a few minutes, your router will start working properly indicating that the range extender is set. 

Although there were many steps that I had to follow to configure my TP- LINK Range Extender on MAC I was able to save bucks and a lot of time by doing it myself.

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