How to Connect Cable Internet to a Wireless Router?

Typically using a wireless routers makes computing life too enjoyable. Thus connecting your internet cable to a wireless router is not so difficult task. While there are various modem brand which can be operated in the same way is as just like that many other wireless router devices will operate in the same way.

Learn How to Connect Cable Internet to a Wireless Router?

Virtually to setting up a wireless router allows you great signals with lots of freedom by accessing more and more files printers the internet surfing to any location or any port of a router device. But sometimes this indicates it lights to different routers.Equipment's needed to connect cable internet to a wireless router;

  1. Cable modem
  2. An Ethernet Cable
  3. Any one wireless router

Therefore Below We have Describing for Connect Cable Internet to a Wireless Router as:

Step-1: First turn all the router equipment's off. Then disconnect or unplug all the power cords at the back of the devices either it is router or the modem. This is how easy to unplug the respective power cords which are work in well condition to the power outlet.

And if anybody wants to use any other devices as PC or gaming system then power those as down well.

Step-2: Now plug the one end of an Ethernet cord into the back of the modem. It can fit only for their one respective spot. Try to ensure that the cord is secure in the jack if not make it secure. This Ethernet cord is similar to the telephonic cord which provides a sound only when if you have plugged correctly.

Step-3: Now plug the other end of an Ethernet cord into your wireless router. It is vital for selecting the correct spot for ensuring the router function in a proper way. Although many other routers have different ports. They all are as indicated.

This cord can't go to any port which is located with a number or a word name and a number such as LAN 1 or LAN2. The port of an Ethernet cord is used and is marked as WAN or an internet. In other routers those have 5 ports this Ethernet cord is away from other four ports. This shows in separate one color in as blue.

Step-4: Now plug all the cables back to the modem and make it turned on. Wait for few seconds let all the router lights be flashing if this possible then your wireless router is keep on working. If all lights indicates then it thinks the modem is working fine.

Step-5: Then finally plug back your power cord into a wireless router. This completes your wireless router which are connected to a cable internet.

Thus these steps are so easy for connecting cable internet to a wireless router. just read and follow above instructions step-by-step.